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what can i eat that will stay down due to morning sickness

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    elizabeth_renaeposted 7 years ago

    what can i eat that will stay down due to morning sickness

    everytime i eat it comes back up even water the only time it doesnt is if i go to sleep right after i eat and i cant do that all the time because i have a two year old daughter

  2. ohfudge profile image60
    ohfudgeposted 7 years ago

    chicken broth or chicken soup. If that won't work, try ground ginger in warm water. When I use it, it makes me feel 10x better within minutes.

  3. Research Analyst profile image82
    Research Analystposted 7 years ago

    fruit is always a great food to eat when one is unable to keep anything down, some people can eat soup or fresh vegetables but if that doesn't work you can try eating apple sauce or bananas. Bread is a good substitute for calming the stomach when it is upset. Morning sickness I would think is going to have a different reaction to smells and tastes because of mother nature being at work.

  4. daisyf1305 profile image75
    daisyf1305posted 7 years ago

    I disliked morning sickness to the quantums try having crackers by your night stand and before even getting up nibble a little bit because at time even crackers made me sick but it did work better. I think it has to do with being empty and waking up in this manner

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    Bambinoposted 7 years ago

    When I was pregnant with my second son nothing would stay down ,even talking food made me sick..seeing an advert for food on TV or in a magazine had the same effect,however I did try arrowroot biscuits accompanied by a glass of fizzy pop,amazingly that was ok and was all I lived on for about 4 months..yukky !! glad im past all that stuff now.