Do most of the food and the environment is causing the human organs to malfuncti

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    christchildposted 7 years ago

    Do most of the food and the environment is causing the human organs to malfunction, leading to...

    most of these terminal illnesses? why do normal nature take it's course, instead of using all these vertilizers and putting all these chemicals on the fruits to let the ripe faster, also the the feed the animals eat. Why caun't we go back to basic, we should not be doing this to ourselves.

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    foreignpressposted 7 years ago

    It's called inadequate production coupled with the demand for profits. It's getting increasingly difficult to maintain quality food production -- especially for perishables like fruits. So fertilizers are used as are other contaminants like preservatives.
       Recently I bought a bag of green grapes. They looked fresh and crisp like they had just been picked off the vine. When I got home I ate three of four. They tasted like chemicals and I ended up with a stomach ache. The store or distributor had dipped the grapes in a preservative -- perhaps too long.
       This has changed my buying habits. No longer will I buy any fruit that doesn't have a removable skin on it. Now I buy mostly bananas. And just because a label says "organic" doesn't mean that it is.
       The best thing is to minimize your diet. The human body doesn't need much to stay healthy. This will limit what you spend on store-bought foods. Limit the purchase of canned and packaged foods. Grow your own vegetables like tomatoes. This can be done indoors any time of year.
       We are being slowly poisoned in the name of profits. If you control what you eat you also control your health.

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    dabeanerposted 7 years ago

    Because of tremendous and increasing overpopulation, "factory farming" is a necessity to feed the masses.  Speeding up the processes with hormones and fertilizers is part of that.  "Efficiency."

    Because of the population and economics, natural (organic) food CANNOT feed everyone.  So only a few can afford the limited amounts of good food available.

    If you don't like the situation, you need to encourage birth control, abortion, and INFANTICIDE to start reducing the population.

    Just being a greenie-weenie anti-corporate environmentalist is a useless "feel-good" exercise for the intellectually challenged.