Customer Satisfaction...

  1. Le_patty profile image53
    Le_pattyposted 8 years ago

    I have several friends who work with customer service, which the company they work for is very centered on customer satisfaction.  I do not have any problems with customer satisfaction, but letâ��s talk about the other people on the other side of the phone.  I recently called one of my utility companies the other day.  First you had to dribble the automated system, do the guess work just to get a live person on the phone.  I explained my problem only to find out she was not the person I need to speak with, without even telling me to hold she just transferred my call.  After been transferred tree times, I finally was speaking with the person who I thought could help me.  Only to find out she had to give me a different phone number to call and she could not transfer me.  That was thirty-five minutes of my time which my problems was still sitting on my mind to be solved. 
    I guess I should be grateful that at least I got to speak with a live person; most companies do not even offer that.
    But I ask myself, were the customer service in all this?  I thought that was why the employees were there for!

  2. tim-tim profile image74
    tim-timposted 8 years ago

    I feel for you! I am a Customer Service Representative and I have been in your shoes many times as well. I recently had to deal with the cell phone company regarding an old issue. I am so tired of dealing with it, but yet, I have my principal.