What is the secret to great pancakes?

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    JohnMposted 6 years ago

    What is the secret to great pancakes?

    What are silver dollar pancakes?

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    crazyhorsesghostposted 6 years ago


    World's Greatest Pancakes? Here's The Secret John.

    Believe it or not but there are a number of secrets you can use to insure you have perfect pancakes. The first thing you can do is use Club Soda in place of any liquid called for in the recipe. The club soda will increase the amount of air in the pancake and make it fluffier.

    The second thing you need to do is to never over mix or over work the batter. If you mix it to much or over work it a gluten will develop that will cause your pancakes to be tough. Over mixing can also force out the carbon dioxide that assists in the leavening. Most people will mix the batter until all the small lumps are dissolved and this is not necessary.

    Instead stop mixing before this occurs and you'll want to place your batter in the refrigerator which will slow the development of the gluten and the activity level of baking powder or yeast.

    The third thing is that adding sugar to your recipe causes carmelization and it produces a golden brown outside. The more sugar added the browner your pancakes will be.

    Silver dollar pancakes are real small pancakes the size of a silver dollar that cook quickly and children love. Those are silver dollar pancakes in the photo.

    You can easily make chocolate chip silver dollar pancakes and you put chocolate syrup and cool whip on top. I bet you kids will love them.

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    rutleyposted 6 years ago

    Great answer crazy........I add something a bit different also.......instant iced tea mix......about 1 tblsp.  this adds flavor and a tiny hint of lemon.  I also add lemon zest.