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Are you ever tired of daily cooking?

  1. DDE profile image27
    DDEposted 2 years ago

    Are you ever tired of daily cooking?

    Everyday cooking can make a monotonous lifestyle. Do you ever get tired of cooking? Do you prefer quick and easy meals?

  2. M. T. Dremer profile image96
    M. T. Dremerposted 2 years ago

    Yes, and I don't even cook that often. Cooking good meals at home takes a lot of pre-planning (for shopping), cravings (the day of), and physical work (for prep). Add on top, that my wife and I are vegetarians and it makes meal preparation a headache on most days. Honestly, I think the hardest thing about eating healthy is convenience. Bad food, that tastes good, is just too easy to get.

    1. DDE profile image27
      DDEposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      I cook what I like and get the rest of the family to like it too. Thank you

  3. Patsybell profile image90
    Patsybellposted 2 years ago

    Sometimes. And somedays I am just too tired. Those are the days when I pull out a homemade casserole, quiche or lasagna from the freezer. Since there are only the two of us, I usually cook a double portions of our favorite meals. We eat one and freeze one for those exhausting days when cooking is not a good idea.

    1. DDE profile image27
      DDEposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      cooking needs lots of preparation and new ideas thank you

  4. B. Leekley profile image89
    B. Leekleyposted 2 years ago

    No one but me could eat my cooking or would call it cooking, so my wife does the daily cooking -- though she is employed and I am not -- and she does get tired of cooking. That is why we often put a pizza in the oven for supper or agree to "do our own thing" and "raid the fridge" or go out for cheap bar food or to a no star neighborhood restaurant. Tonight we are having home cooked pasta and Irish sausages that I found on sale at Earth Fare.

    1. DDE profile image27
      DDEposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      Home cooked works best for me thank you

  5. favored profile image39
    favoredposted 2 years ago

    No, but I'm not the one who cooks the most in my home. If I can do a one pot meal, that's great.  It is nice to get take out meals once in a while though.

    1. DDE profile image27
      DDEposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      Hi thank you for sharing your experience here. I rarely eat take out meals.

  6. MarieLB profile image83
    MarieLBposted 2 years ago

    I live alone and now find daily cooking a boring chore.  I'd much rather be reading or writing!!LOL!!

    I am fortunate that I love cold salads and lots of fruit.  Once in a while I make an easy meal, but mostly I cook a large pot of thick soup, casserole or Lasagne, roast, meatloaf etc. . ..  I then either pack it or box it into portions and freeze.  I might have . . .say 6-8 portions, so it is easy to fill up the freezer.

    I do the same for my dog, preparing 10-12 meals at a time!

    Aah! Living alone has its own advantages too!

    1. DDE profile image27
      DDEposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      Great idea to make it easier on you thank you. I cook daily from scratch

  7. peachpurple profile image83
    peachpurpleposted 2 years ago

    i have to cook everyday, whether it is dimple or hectic cooking, still have to do it everyday day, for the sake of the kids and the hungry dad

    1. MarieLB profile image83
      MarieLBposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      I've done that for many many years peachy.  There's always the pluses and the minuses in any situation.  Enjoy your family around the dinner table.

    2. peachpurple profile image83
      peachpurpleposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      yeah, when there are sarcastic remarks on my cooking, just put off my appetite

    3. DDE profile image27
      DDEposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      I too cook daily and from scratch I cook what I like and everybody else gets to like to too. Thank you

  8. Sparklea profile image76
    Sparkleaposted 2 years ago

    DDE: Yes!  I stress all the time, "what am I going to have for dinner?"  My kids are grown and gone, so it is just my husband and our four cats, but he works very hard and very long hours, so when he gets home 4:30 p.m. I want to have a hot meal ready.
    However, since I quit my job and LOVE being home, I would rather be reading and writing.  Preparing a meal cuts into my time...plus I never know what to make, and the clean up is time consuming.
    The GOOD NEWS is that my husband is not a fussy eater.  He is SO easy, unlike my first husband who hated casseroles, wanted only meat and potatoes and hated all vegetables except corn, beets and carrots.  He was awful and nasty about it...'what is THiS s...?' He also hated leftovers.
    So this is what I do:  I try to prepare a big meal.  For example this week I made goulash, which we love.  I make enough to last three days...we just microwave the leftovers, and add a salad and a vegetable.
    That way I was able to go to Barnes & Noble 2 days this week to read and write.  At the end of the week we usually go to a nearby diner for supper, and then I concentrate on a big meal on Sunday to stretch into the next week.
    I really no longer have a desire to cook, but I am a good cook and I feel my husband is important enough to prepare meals for him. 
    On a holiday, like Easter and Christmas when we have the family for dinner, I make homemade cinnamon buns, but I do not prepare dessert.  We have TWO bakeries -about a four minute drive to each one...so I order an apple crumb pie from one (off the charts delicious) and a homemade cake with buttercream icing from the other.  This last birthday celebration I bought KLONDIKE  vanilla ice cream squares covered in chocolate, each separately wrapped in foil.  I just plunked a square next to each piece of cake.  Dave's family loved it.  And we enjoyed leftovers for 2-3 days after.
    So it is kind of a win-win the way I am managing cooking.  Also my husband is so kind...the other day I texted him at work and wrote, "can you pick up pizza and wings for supper?  I didn't sleep good last night and really don't feel like cooking..." and he did...we threw together a salad and it was a great meal.
    Thank you for this great question.  Sparklea smile

    1. DDE profile image27
      DDEposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      Wow Sparklea so nice for you. Definitley your husband sounds kind and easy to  please. I cook daily from scratch there are three of us. I sometimes like  cooking.  Sometimes do quick meals. Thank you for  stopping by here.

    2. Sparklea profile image76
      Sparkleaposted 2 years agoin reply to this


  9. Kylyssa profile image96
    Kylyssaposted 2 years ago

    No. Sometimes I'm too ill to cook but I enjoy cooking as often as possible. For me, it is both a creative endeavor and a way to show my love for my intentional family. It used to be a chore when I was married to my ex because he didn't appreciate it and wanted control of what I made, but my family now is very loving and they always thank me. They even praise my cooking to others!

    When I shop, I buy a decent supply of foods that need little preparation, like fruits, vegetables, nuts, cheese, and breads for the times I'm not well enough to cook. When I cook, I make extra of certain items so they can be reheated and combined differently in another meal. For example, I always make extra rice, barley, noodles, or potatoes to put away for another meal. I do food prep whenever I feel up to it so I have chopped vegetables and homemade sauces on hand to make cooking easier when I'm ill.

    1. DDE profile image27
      DDEposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      Cooking can be a bore at times but I  make something new daily thank you

  10. Anne Harrison profile image98
    Anne Harrisonposted 2 years ago

    The way I get around it is by trying to cook something new once a week, something I've never done before. I'm slowly working my way through Larousse Gastronomique and have just mastered flaky pastry - such things keep me going when the day-to-day grind seems a little too much.

    1. DDE profile image27
      DDEposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      Good one! Certain ideas in cooking can make you feel up to it. Thank you

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    Diana Abrahamsonposted 2 years ago

    Good to eat out once in a while to give the cook a break!