Would that news of a dead mouse in someone's Subway sandwich keep you from eatin

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  1. Stacie L profile image90
    Stacie Lposted 3 years ago

    Would that news of a dead mouse in someone's Subway sandwich keep you from eating there again?

    Recently a customer found a dead mouse in their Subway sandwich. I wonder how the employee didn't notice it or did they put it there?
    Would you go back?

  2. dashingscorpio profile image87
    dashingscorpioposted 3 years ago


    Seems hard to believe as customers generally give Subway employees instructions as to which type of bread they want, the meat, cheese, and assorted condiments (all while watching them prepare) the sandwich!
    It would not surprise me if the dead rat in a sandwich turned out to be a hoax or someone put it there looking to sue for a big payday. Several years ago a woman put a human finger in her bowl of chili at Wendy's. There was a huge investigation.
    This led to a felony charge of attempted grand larceny against her. Ayala pleaded guilty to the charge in September 2005, and was sentenced to (nine years in prison) on January 18, 2006.
    Having said that I did see the video clip you provided which shows a rate munching on cookies in a display case in Subway. Periodically  surveillance cameras reveal rodents in various rest
    I don't believe this deters most people from going to (their) local one.
    Rarely do I go to Subway but if the mood struck I would still go.

  3. galleryofgrace profile image81
    galleryofgraceposted 3 years ago

    This is probably a disgruntled  ex- employee or someone else, maybe a competitor who wants to discredit Subway. Subway sandwiches are made in plain view of the customer so this simply would not happen!
    Common sense tells me it's a hoax so it would have no effect on whether or not I would go to Subway.

  4. Phyllis Doyle profile image94
    Phyllis Doyleposted 3 years ago

    No - it does not keep me from eating Subway sandwich. It is pretty safe when we can watch them make the sandwich of our choice.

    This reminds me when years ago there was a story that a woman bought some KFC and bit into what she thought was  a drumstick - it was a mouse, so she said. I still eat KFC and love it.

  5. DzyMsLizzy profile image95
    DzyMsLizzyposted 3 years ago

    This sort of thing is usually a hoax or a set-up.  I don't believe it, and it would have no impact on my decision to eat there.

  6. Alastar Packer profile image83
    Alastar Packerposted 3 years ago

    Ooh no way. Probably psychologically gun-shy from all Subways for a while. Couldn't eat seafood for a year after biting into a golf ball-sized frizzy disgusting hairball in the batter once. On the other hand, knew a fellow who didn't mind at all the occasional roach in his fried rice and eggrolls, so suppose you could say it's one person's A-OK meal is another person's long-lasting nauseating nightmare.

  7. elayne001 profile image83
    elayne001posted 3 years ago

    Now, when I think of a Subway sandwich, I get nauseated, so it probably would keep me from going there - at least until that feeling goes away. Same thing for other places I hear about that messed up. I don't eat out much! Could be a hoax or may be true. I think it is better to eat your own home prepared food.

  8. Jewels profile image84
    Jewelsposted 3 years ago

    The mouse is the mousing on the cake for me.  I have never eaten Subway. I have walked through one of their stores several times because it's a thoroughfare to other shops where I live.  The smell is terrible.  And I've since discovered they use the least fresh produce they can get to keep the prices low.  And this is not a local issue.   It's not a healthy junk food alternative.


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