Best cookware is Earthpans where to purchase...

  1. Vamom31 profile image57
    Vamom31posted 6 years ago

    The best cookware I've ever purchased so far is the earthpans by Todd English with Thermalon technology on HSN. I love this set I love this set of cookware. I thought the set that I bought from Cooks Essential was great. But it dims in comparison to his set. Sorry QVC but it does. This cookware can be cooked up to 850 degrees. My QVC set would be destroyed well before reaching that temperature. I don't have worry about that with my earthpans. I can cook with my set on the grill. You name it I can do it with this cookware. I'm now in the process of switch over to it all in my kitchen. Besides it is healthier for everyone to use than any other cookware.

    I did my research into his product line for over a year prior to purchasing my initial sets, but once I started using it I was sold. Hope this helps anyone out there that is looking for excellent cookware for their family or themselves.