pecan pie didn't set

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  1. profile image51
    sciggyposted 14 years ago

    pecan pie didn't set, this never happened before. Any ideas why this can hapen?

  2. Practica profile image60
    Practicaposted 14 years ago

    Oh, pie....

    I have had this happen when I haven't had all the ingredients at room temperature, when I added butter as some recipes call for, and when I haven't adequately and gently beaten the eggs before adding other ingredients.

    But nowadays, when I  have all things at room temp and don't put the filling into a hot or too-cold crust, I never have this happen.

    Chill the runny pie and serve with lots of cream - it's better than no pie (my daughters used to refer to such 'flops' as "poorman's pie" (or whatever the thing was, edible but not perfect).

    Happy new year

  3. thooghun profile image94
    thooghunposted 14 years ago

    I'm completely out of my league here, but good lucky with that wink

  4. profile image49
    lmroseposted 14 years ago

    I have been having the same problem with my pecan pies and I was really getting frustrated (I am a Personal Chef and I can't make a pecan pie).  Thank you for the extremely helpful tips Practica.  I went straight to my kitchen and set out all of my ingredients and let them get to room temperature and then I baked my very first successful Pecan Pie.  Hooray!

  5. profile image51
    rinasings2uposted 13 years ago

    pecan pie sounds really hard to make.

  6. ocbill profile image52
    ocbillposted 13 years ago

    this is my favorite pie of all time. it beats out sweet potato by a nut.

    1. Ralph Deeds profile image66
      Ralph Deedsposted 13 years agoin reply to this

      Pecan pie is my favorite IF it's made correctly. Most pecan pies sold in grocery stores and even bakeries have too much filling and too few pecans. Good pecan pie should be thin without too much filling. And of course the crust is important as in any pie. I've never baked a pecan pie, but I've eaten a lot of them having grown up in pecan country--Louisiana.

  7. desert blondie profile image55
    desert blondieposted 13 years ago

    My husband, a 'good ol' Southern' guy from Oklahoma (where Pecan trees abound)...loves Pecan pie...and he says I make the best he's ever tasted!--and he's got a set of pecan pie baking grandmothers, mother, several aunts, older sister, previous wife, etc. to compare my pecan pies with!! (I do rather, not too humbly, think mine are pretty delicious)  And aside from poorly made homemade pies, the store-made ones are too gelatinous...I think from preservatives. The filling should be smooth in one's mouth, buttery, but firm.  Yet not gelatin-like or too sugary.
         I can't think of why a pie wouldn't 'set' (as noted by one writer) unless it was just terribly undercooked...would be interested in hearing more from the 'never set' baker.
         I do agree, room temp ingredients the best...and real butter...not margarine or Crisco. Also...add a bit of vanilla...many recipes don't mention this ingredient...and it adds quite a nice touch.

    1. cathyj profile image52
      cathyjposted 13 years agoin reply to this


      My husband - another good ol' Southern guy from Arkansas - says my pecan pie is the best he's ever had, too.  I'm a "Connecticut Yankee" and he laughs at the way I say the word "pecan" but he sure does love that pie!  Maybe we have the same recipe!   smile
      I use real butter (unsalted), vanilla and pecan halves on top rather than chopped pecans.

      My son-in-law has been known to stay up and eat an ENTIRE pie overnight just to keep it away from everyone else!

      I too, think the pie that didn't set probably was very undercooked.

  8. profile image48
    mimi gposted 13 years ago

    I used the same recipe this year as last.  Last years was fine--this one did not set up.  It was the southern pecan pie from Sunflower Sample.  #1.  It said to " beat eggs until light.  What does that mean?  #2  I spilled the vanilla while I measured it over the bowl, and the filling does tate like vanilla.  #3.  The recipe did not say what state the 1 tlb of butter should be in, so I melted it. 
    I took it out of the oven after an hr and a half to see if it would set--it did not, so I put it back in for another hr and a half.
    It tastes good tho.
    Any ideas?

  9. K Partin profile image59
    K Partinposted 13 years ago

    Sorry I only know how to eat pecan

  10. crazyhorsesghost profile image71
    crazyhorsesghostposted 13 years ago

    Here is a great recipe for pecan pie that will work every time. I have made it for years and I have never had a problem.

    Chocolate Pecan Pie

    1 Ready Made Pie Crust in the tin foil pan.
    1 Cup of Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips.
    3 Tablespoons Whole Milk.
    4 Large Eggs.
    3 Tablespoons Melted Butter.
    2 Teaspoons Vanilla Extract.
    1 Cup Light Corn Syrup.
    1 Cup White Granulated Sugar.
    1 Teaspoon Ground Cinnamon.
    1 Teaspoon Ground Allspice.
    1/2 Teaspoon Salt.
    1 1/2 Cups Of Pecan Half's.

    Take a knife and cut slits all the way around the bottom of your pie crust. Bake your pie crust in a 425 degree preheated oven for 5-7 minutes until golden brown being sure not to burn it.

    Reduce your oven temperature to 325 degrees.

    Microwave your chocolate chips and milk until smooth and pour into your browned pie crust. Shake to smooth out on the bottom of your crust.

    Now you will want to beat your eggs well in a large bowl and add your other ingredients but pecans  and mix together well in the bowl. Slowly pour into the pie crust on top of your chocolate layer already there.

    Add your pecans on top and put foil around the crust on edges to prevent your crust from getting burned.

    Bake 55-60 minutes until your pie is firm.

    This pie will turn out perfect every time and it truly is the best pecan pie that you will ever eat.

  11. lrohner profile image68
    lrohnerposted 13 years ago

    Gosh, there are lots reasons why your pie could have not set right. How many eggs did you use? If you don't use enough eggs (3 or 4 should do it), or the the eggs were too small, the filling won't set up right. Overbeating will also cause problems. If you overbeat or use a whisk instead of spoon, you'll get air and/or foam in the filling and it won't set up right.

    How long did you cook it and at what temp? Pecan pies need to cook low and slow, usually 50 to 60 minutes.


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