Feeding kids with allergies on a budget...

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    Cristalgripposted 5 years ago

    As a mom of a 5 yr old veteran of being milk free-I know how difficult it can be to feed them on a budget.

    Here are some tips to help save money-

    1. Look for coupons- they are rare but when you find them ( toffuti, dr.pragers) they are usually good $1.00+

    2. Make your own - often its cheaper to make your own treats for your allergy sensitive child ( freeze leftovers)

    4. Buy in bulk - when you find a good deal stock up- allergy free items are rarely on sale

    5. Check your natural food stores- I try to avoid these types of stores because there mark ups are often ridiculous - but once in a while they put things on clearance- if your child is adventurous , you can usually find something new or fun to eat at a discount

    6. Don't underestimate your local supermarket- more and more chain stores are carrying these hard to find allergy free foods much cheaper than natural food stores

    And finally - at least what comes to mind....

    7. Look at store brand foods for allergy free items- often at my supermarket they have "normal foods" that are allergy free that might now be in a name brand - my local store has cookies with regular chocolate- milk free! My daughter loves em!

    Now don't get me wrong - I frequent my local natural food stores , but being a single mom on a budget, it gets pricey- these tips aren't the end all to be all, but they defiantly help!

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      eatlikenooneposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Nice list, I definately agree with making your own treats for it being cheaper and then you know what you put in them. My daughter is allergy to apples, so I found a recipe for pear & parsnip sauce, so she can still eat something very similar to applesauce.