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Aion Cleric Leveling Guide

Updated on October 30, 2009
Aion Cleric
Aion Cleric

The Cleric is one of the most popular Aion classes among not only the players who are looking forward to select it as the role of their choice in Aion, but by their friends of other classes as well, due to the critical function of this class in the game. With an extraordinary healing ability, making long range damage attacks or the unique quality of resurrecting dead players, the Cleric is probably the most influential class in Aion. And as the quality of the Cleric class to change the scenario of the game drives you to select it for your campaign in Aion, you can earn yourself the position of the most influential and important player around by using the unofficial Aion Cleric Guide.

Cleric Guide Contents

Let it be your inability to level as faster as your companions, or running out of kinah in the most crucial period of the game, the Aion Cleric Guide can help you overcome all the hurdles and problems you encounter as you play Aion as a Cleric. The guide offers you all the necessary information that you could ask for in a single package. You don’t need to surf one forum or website after another just to get a hint of some useful advice, when you can find all the secrets, learned by top gaming experts, who have tested the recommended techniques on the game since its very first appearance, revealed in this guide.

The guide successfully addresses one of your major problems in the game as a Cleric, that is, leveling fast. This guide is the perfect solution to all your leveling problems, as it exposes the most appropriate and result-oriented strategies that will help you level faster by pointing out the right spots and quests to improve your progress through levels, and helps you to avoid grinding spots, which only waste your time and offer you no substantial return whatsoever.

A Cleric is the top-priority target of the enemy forces due to your important powers. You should keep that in mind as you are present in an active battle confronted by formidable aggressors. You can keep yourself safe from the attacks and ambushes of other smart Aion classes like the Assassins, by following the recommended tips and tricks explained in this guide. Not only will they prove useful for defense, but will also enhance your damage inflicting capabilities, and you can have comfortable battles by building on your P v P v E skills.  

A Cleric is a class with very highly specialized skills, which are one of the most valuable and sought-after ones in the game. Make the most of your Stigma skills by learning about them in this guide, which helps you expand your skills beyond the usual confines of healing and support. Moreover, it also helps you to select the most appropriate equipment for different possible scenarios in the game, differentiating them by explaining their pros and cons in detail.

Most importantly, the guide shows you how to make more kinah. A lot of players could waste too much time just to earn some kinah. While they are busy doing that, this guide helps you to earn kinah through the right activities for your class, in order to maintain a comfortable freedom of trade though out the course of the game.

Final Thoughts

Killer Guides: The Unofficial Aion Cleric Guide can be all the difference to your gameplay as a Cleric in Aion, as it constantly keeps you updated for free of all the latest findings and secrets discovered by gaming experts to help you maintain your competitive edge. Give your friends a reason to revere you other than for just being a Cleric: your skill in the game. Try this guide as soon as it becomes available to start understanding the way to survive and thrive in Atreia.

You can download this Cleric guide and more Aion class guides here!


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