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Airmech Strategies to Win With Warthog

Updated on October 8, 2012

What is Special About the Warthog?

The Warthog is unique in many ways. All airmechs have special combat abilities, the range from healing to dropping bombs. The one exception is the Warthog. Seems unfair doesn't it, well, that is simply not true. To compensate for not having any abilities it has much stronger armor and attack at the base level. It also has an option to attack both air and ground. This makes it a formidable opponent in any situation.

In my personal opinion it also has some very cool skins. Some, sadly did not make it to implementation but since it was added the game awhile after Beta launch it got a bit more special attention from the developers.


How to Best Use The Warthog to Win!

You can slice it any way you like but ultimately you are a bit limited with the Warthog model airmech. It does best in combat. You need to be pushing the front lines forward or using the incredible speed of the Warthog to harass behind the main defenses. Killing money makers, reinforcements, creeps and anything else you can. I tend to get lucky with the Warthog, when you are harassing, be sure to watch your radar for anyone trying to run back to the main base to heal. They tend to run to the main as it is safer and you can still die over a normal outpost if your health is really low. However they don't expect you to be there and kill them before they get on the base. It is a good tactic to be behind their lines. It allows your teammate to continue to push but not fall behind while your weaken their economy and firepower at the same time. If you are playing solo you need to be a bit more careful but the Warthog is still a good design for sniping money makers.

If harassing isn't your thing, be it not interesting enough or simply too many restraining orders for previous, out of game harassment...You can always use it as a front line fighter. If you are good with this airmech, you can maintain control of your closest outpost to the enemy. If you can hold the middle base on any map, which is considerably easier using the Warthog airmech than you will eventually win. That is common sense. The Warthog specializes in this type of fighting. Slowly pushing ahead doing a lot of up front damage with your airmech so your tanks and creeps can get closer and closer.

It is important to note, that each player and team will have roughly the same output of creeps and units. They will meet in the middle and kill each other. Rarely pushing through unless someone builds a tank line. The other option is killing enemy units with your airmech, that means you now have an entire extra spawn and can push a little farther every tick. The Warthog is VERY good at this as it can 1V2 nearly any tank in the game and as always, creeps don't stand a chance.

The ability to shoot the ground from the air with no use of extra energy also makes it an ideal unit for pushing forward and killing units without losing your own.

Is The Warthog Over Powered?

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Final Warthog Thoughts

The Warthog is a well balanced combat machine. Best used by veteran players looking to accomplish something specific. It is not a newbie airmech, that is for sure. It can be very fun to play and increase your chances of winning. I highly recommend regular practice with the Warthog!

I look forward to any comments of ideas, or even requests anyone might have! Leave them in the comments!


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