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Helios Bakugan: Viper Helios, Maxus Helios, Cyborg Helios, Orbit Helios & More

Updated on January 5, 2014

Bakugan Helios is Not a Bakugan

When we talk about bakugan Dragonoid, bakugan Elfin, bakugan Hades, etc., we all know the base word like itself is a bakugan available for you to buy. But not Helios. Helios itself is not a bakugan, I'd point it out here just in case some of you think it is and even trying to search online to buy. When you search for the term "bakugan Helios", you are not telling the search engine what you are looking for. Helios remains to be the Sun God in Greek Mythology.

Viper Helios

Viper Helios is an uncommon bakugan that is said to contain a lot of power. It is a pretty basic dragon-like creature similar to Dragonoid. He has an unusual bulky body and plates and poison covering its body. Unlike normal Pyrus bakugan, Helios has a dark red and black color. Despite its size, this bakugan is still able to fly to avoid ground attacks. Again, “Helios” alone isn’t actually a bakugan, but Viper Helios, Orbit Helios, etc. is. In ball form, Viper Helios has a strange shape that looks quite complex. He has two long two-section wings, and a demon head. He also has two movable hands and a long tail. He is good at fighting, but lacks defense.

Meta Helios

Meta Helios - Battle Unit Mode
Meta Helios - Battle Unit Mode

Attributes and Colors Available for Viper Helios

Similar to Abis Omega, Viper Helios is available in all attributes, various colors and make, that include BakuCrystal, BakuSolar, and BakuFrost, and these three series are not always available therefore considered rare. They do look nicer compare to the regular colors in my mind. The clear one and pearl versions are my favorite. The G power for Viper Helios ranges from 480 to 730G, I believe.

Metalfencer can assume Battle Unit Mode to enhance Viper Helios's fighting skills. It combines with Cyborg Helios, Turbine Helios or Viper Helios to form Meta Helios.

Buy Viper Helios Online

Cyborg Helios

Cyborg Helios is the “Evolved” version of Viper Helios. It is a mechanical version of Helios bakugan based on Vestal science, therefore, he didn’t really evolve. He is more powerful though, and now has mechanical weapons to attack most of the time. In ball form, Cyborg Helios has spread out wings and a curved head with two sections. He also has a horn and feet like all Helios evolutions. Like Viper Helios, this bakugan lacks proper defense, but it is solved with a new ability called F.A.R.B.A.S. (Stands for Fully Automatic Recovery...something) It repairs ALL damage done of Cyborg Helios, and keeps his power level at his opponents, therefore, you can tell he is very powerful.

Turbine Meta Helios

Turbine Meta Helios
Turbine Meta Helios

Turbine Helios

Turbine Helios is a rotating version of Cyborg Helios. It uses a ripcord to wind up, and is released immediately onto the field. Turbine Helios has the same shape as Cyborg Helios, the G-power is the same as well but it has been moved to a different area to make way for the ripcord. There is a small rectangular hole in the wing (when closed), and the ripcord is inserted. Then, the roller runs it through and throws the bakugan onto the gate card. If done correctly, Turbine Helios should spin completely while rolling.

Helios MK2 (Mark 2)
Helios MK2 (Mark 2)

Helios Mark 2 (MK2)

Helios MK2 is a well-known but unreleased bakugan in America. It was only released in Japan under the same name. In ball form, Helios MK2 has a short neck and head that pops out, and two strange wings with a complex design. The color combination is so fantastic, and it comes in green, red, blue, and black, the G-power is unknown. A special thing about this bakugan is that it can hold battle gear, and is of high quality.

Maxus Helios MK2 is the evolution of Maxus Helios, and a deadly bakugan that is made of 7 bakugan fused together just like Maxus Helios, only the Cyborg Helios is replaced by Helios MK2.

Maxus Helios

7 in 1 Maxus Helios
7 in 1 Maxus Helios

Maxus Helios

Like Maxus Dragonoid, Maxus Helios is a super assault made up of 7 bakugan (Maxus Dragonoid is made up of traps). Because of this, Maxus Helios is 7 times bigger that a normal bakugan. He stands on four legs (Scraper, Klawgor, Leafram, and Spindle), and Helios contributes the head. Maxus Helios MK2 doesn’t exactly exist, only in the anime, where they use Helios MK2 as the character in control. He is usually completely grey when bought together, but when the parts are bought separately, they can be different colors. The parts include Subterra Scraper, Ventus Klawgor, Darkus Foxbat, Pyrus Fencer, Aquos Leafram, and Haos Spindle. Together, they could add up to over 3000gs. In the episodes, Maxis Dragonoid battled him twice, but there was no victory.

Gray Haos Orbit Helios
Gray Haos Orbit Helios

Orbit Helios

Orbit Helios is a spinning bakugan with a head exactly similar to Viper Helios’s. He has very complex side wings and a tail. Orbit Helios can spin violently when opened on a gate card, making it a powerful battler. He was not seen in the anime, but is a popular super assault bakugan. His G-power is not specified, but some can be 800G's or more. For some reason, he spins much better with his feet open than when they are closed. Closing him is actually easy, because all the parts just need to be pushed in a little. Orbit Helios is a very cool bakugan.

Helios Mark 2

Blue Aquos Helios MK2
Blue Aquos Helios MK2
Green Ventus Helios MK2
Green Ventus Helios MK2
Black Darkus Helios MK2
Black Darkus Helios MK2

Infinity Helios

There is also an unreleased bakugan called Infinity Helios that will be released in the fourth season of bakugan: Bakugan Mechanism Surge. You can see a picture of him at Bakugan Wiki, but generally, he looks like Dharak. Overall, I think all versions of Helios are worth buying because of their designs.

Infinity Helios would be one of the terrific gift ideas for kids for this holiday season if it was available. But it's never too late to get one later for other special occasions or just buy one to see smiles on your child's face.

Infinity Helios

Infinity Helios
Infinity Helios


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      7 years ago

      Hey is anyone selling a helios mark 2, if so please tell me


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