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How to Make a Custom Class in Call of Duty: Black Ops II

Updated on January 16, 2013


In this hub I will talk about how to make a custom class on Call of Duty Black Ops 2. I have done this a little bit in my guide HERE about what custom classes are, but in this guide I will go over specifics what you can and cannot do, and overall what the best most effective way to do each custom class to your won benefit to help you overall.

Before I go any further let me start by saying that I have written, and will continue to write a LOT of guides for Call of Duty Black Ops 2, and will write them on many things but most will be tips to be successful on the game coming from someone who has hit max prestige on every Call of Duty since Call of Duty 4 with a couple exceptions. I have played them all, and am now helping everyone out to the best of my ability.

I am available on Twitter @Johnrr631992, and .. Also I will answer questions in the comments section to help you out.

I am available on Xbox Live under MKS JohnR .. Space between the two, and also have started a clan, that you can join, or think about joining. For details about that go to - - ..

How Create a Class is done on BO2

On Black Ops 2, Treyarch has completely revamped everything that has always been similar with create a class. They realized that some people don't like perks, using a secondary weapon, having tactical grenades and so on. So what they have done, and allowed is for you to take away things that you do not want to use. You may have a total of 10 items. Whether that includes 3 perks, a weapon with attachments, two grenades, two tactical grenades, all perks, it really is truly up to you. They have added ways to tweak you class so you will have exactly what you want, and be nothing like anyone else.

The ten points system simply means you can add 10 things to your class. A simple set up would be.. 1 gun, 2 attachments, 3 perks, 1 grenade,2 tactical grenades, and a sidearm. That equals 10 items.. There are many ways to change this which I will talk about below.


When you are going to create a class you have many options. You can customize everything out to your won specifications, and then they also added wildcards.. What a wildcard will allow you to do, is simply add extra things to certain classes with it costing an extra point. For instance.. IF you want to have a third attachment on your gun, then you will have to sacrifice maybe your secondary, and 1 tactical grenade, freeing up 2 points. 1 for the wildcard, and 1 for the extra attachment, or so on if you want to have a second grenade.

You can also have 6 perks if you like. But the game made this so, if you choose this, you will have you 3 attachments, 3 wildcards for each perk, and then the second perk for each category.. That equals 9 points, leaving 1 points ONLY for a gun.. With that being said, you can have 6 perks, but only at the cost of using 9 points up. So the choice is all yours of what you would like to do.

What works best.

Typically I do not suggest adding second perks, unless you are playing ceratin objective based games, that will help you stay alive, and get an objective quicker. With that being said, typically I say that 3 attachments is crucial, second grenade, and having things of that nature.

I don't ever use my secondary, therefore that was the first thing i drop on all my classes when setting them up. I think this is a crucial point, and something that will greatly benefit you when you are setting up your classes if you are like me. Not only is it annoying to switch weapons, but typically my primary does the trick fine in any situation. The only exception is sometimes playing with an RPG is fun to mess with people.

I personally as said above don't stack up on perks simply because I think it is a waste, and does not benefit you in any way. While it can be useful, sacrificing grenades, tactical, attachments is such a big step, that I have never done it, nor do I plan on trying it.

So overall try to keep your primary, a couple attachments (at least 1), then play with things to see what fits you best. FOR me ( ON CORE ) I like my LMG, 3 attachments, 1 EMP grenade, 1 of each perk, and a grenade.. (HARDCORE) I will switch it to sub machine gun, 2 attachments, each perk, 2 emp grenades, 1 grenade, 1 of each perk, and maybe an RPG, or ill take 1 perk away and add a second attachment or grenade.. Either way I find having as much equipment, and attachments makes my playing better than having all these extra perks..


Overall I cannot tell you exactly what you should do, as it is your playing style that will show the effectiveness of you. None the less I have given tips that will help you overall. I think it is silly to take everything away for 6 perks, but that is just me. I think what Treyarch has done with create a class is genius and glad they have done this. It truly is a great addition to the game, and allows everyone to experience the game as they would like.


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    • profile image

      bigalthebeast322 2 years ago

      you can change the number of "points" you can have just go to the match settings and look for the second to last option and change the number

    • Johnrr631992 profile image

      John Reid-Roberts 4 years ago from Boston, Massachusetts

      Brian not to mention my main reason for saying I don't like stacking perks is because anytime people stack perks they usually do 2 or 3, and that essentially leaves you nothing. I do perk 1 solely for the ghost because it is so crucial in the games I play, and for hardline to get my scorestreaks quicker..

    • profile image

      Wraith 4 years ago

      The reason he's probably saying that (even though he's doing it) is that taking 2 guns (and 2 attachments total), with 3 perks, a lethal grenade, and 2 tactical grenades will give you the most possible from 10 points. If you use a wildcard, you don't get to take as much, but you can 'pay' an extra point to take a perk you prefer. For example, I'll quite often leave the 1st perk slot empty, only take 1 tactical grenade, and go with fast hands and scavenger. Why? I don't like the slow weapon swap times, the amount of time it takes to use some equipment, and if I don't have a bunch of ammo, I'm actually more likely to waste it (don't know why the hell that is though... especially since I conserve my ammo better when I have more of it...).

      So, in short, NOT stacking perks lets you get more things into the class, but stacking perks may make the class more comfortable to use.

    • profile image

      Brian 4 years ago

      So you say that you don't recommend stacking perks, but every class in your video has at least one perk stacked.

    • profile image

      Brian 4 years ago

      So you

    • Johnrr631992 profile image

      John Reid-Roberts 5 years ago from Boston, Massachusetts

      I removed your post only because I do not allow external links in the comments section sorry..