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Boom Beach Guide: Strategy and Tips

Updated on February 11, 2014
SuperCell | Source

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Boom Beach is Super Cell's latest addition to their gaming portfolio. I will be going over some of the similarities and differences of Boom Beach and Clash of Clans.

  • In Boom Beach, you keep all your troops at the end of the battle. This means that you will not have to keep hiring troops if you are good at positioning your troops and keeping them alive.
  • Healing troops such as medic and warrior become much more valuable.
  • There is no flying troops yet in Boom Beach.
  • Walls are not available in Boom Beach, which makes it quite interesting.

SuperCell | Source

Buildings and Troops Overview

Let's take a look at the structures and troops that is available at your service.

Headquarters - This is your main building. Protect it at all costs if you want to gain badges. If your enemy destroys your Headquarters, its over. Only allow it to get destroyed if you want to get free shields.

Residence - Your standard gold producing building.

Gold Storage - Stores all your gold.

Sawmill - Produces wood.

Wood Storage - Stores your wood.

Stone - This resource is used for advanced buildings.

Stone Storage - Stores your stone.

Iron Mine - This is also used for more advanced buildings.

Iron Storage - Stores your iron.

Defensive Buildings

There are currently 7 types of towers available. Let's take a look at the advantages each have to offer.

Sniper Tower - This long range tower is your first defensive turret. It can attack from a good range, much longer than Rifleman. It does not do as much damage though.

Machine Gun - This turret is very good against Riflemen. They can be taken down quickly with this tower.

Mortar - The best Riflemen and Zooka killer. This tower does splash damage and is very effective when placed in the center of the base.

Cannon - This is a good turret against stronger units such as warriors. It can also kill Zooka's easily.

Flamethrower - This turret deals damage overtime.

Boom Cannon - The best Tank killer. It deals double damage to Tanks.

Rocket Launcher - The strongest turret that deals a lot of damage.

Mines - Place these to deal damage to enemy troops.

Super Cell
Super Cell | Source

Tips and Strategy

Here are some tips that will help you along the way:

  • Depending on your goals, defend your Headquarters if you want to get more badges. A farming base design will require you to leave your Headquarters in a spot where it can be destroyed easily.
  • Make sure you spend most of your resources before leaving the game. This will discourage invaders that look to steal resources from raiding due to a low resource reward.

Troop Combinations

Heavy and Rifleman

This is a good combination because Heavy can help tank mortar shots. Your Rifleman will be safe from obliteration. They can also do damage from range. This is the most basic combination when you are starting out.

Warrior, Rifleman and Medic

This is a more sustain troop combination. The medics will be trying to keep the warrior's alive on top of their own heals. This combination can still be taken out by mortars. So when you raid bases. Always prioritize the mortar if possible.

Tank and Rifleman

While I would want to recommend a full tank rush, it would often be too expensive. Tanks can destroy buildings very easily. Just make sure you look out for the Boom Cannon.

Heavy and Zooka

Zooka is very vulnerable to turret damage, especially mortars. Good Heavy placement will be key to keeping your Zooka's alive, giving you a lot of damage from range.

And of course, you don't have to only use 2 units. Just use whatever that is going to help you gain an advantage during raids. A diverse troop combination can sometimes help you distract towers and gives your main damage troops enough time to take down the enemy base.


There you have it! I will be adding more content as the game gets updated. Right now, it can only be played in Canada. I am not aware when the global release will be. Super Cell will release it when they think the time is right. I do have some suggestions, which is to include air units. I am sure they are working on it!


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