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Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 best killstreak setups

Updated on October 22, 2010

The "right killstreak setups"

   Modern Warfare 2 expanded the idea of kill streaks by having even more than its predecessor and letting you choose how to set it up. As you gain ranks you are allowed to unlock more kill streaks as you so choose. Whether this is unlocking the chopper gunner to rain fire on your enemy's or choose a different one. The most important thing to do is setting up the kill streaks for the map. There's no such thing as just one great setup cause there are so many factors that come into play. These factors include the game type, the map, and what guns you are using. (And perhaps more)There are so many variables that come into play here. You should set it up accordingly. Just remember everyone has a different skill level and opinion on what is best and what should be used or should not. However, you may find that some setups will give you an "edge" if you do it correctly.

Setting up kill streaks according to gameplay modes

First and foremost, what game type are you playing? Surely you don't think every setup is going to benefit you on everyone, correct? The most common game type that most favor is team deathwatch. Now your objective here is to have a kill streak that is going to get you kills or aid you or your team mates in doing so. These are roughly 6vs6 matches so remember that you will not be able to kill as many people as you can on ground war since the limit is lower. Depending on your skill level you may want to pick higher kill streak rewards, but the best thing to do here is choose a setup that is going to let you get it fast enough.

The UAV will not help you aid you in any kills directly, but will offer help to find those hidden to kill them and claim your next kill streak. This is the most basic kill streak that is used requiring 3 kills. It may prove useless if people are using coldblooded though. The next kill streak that will come fast is getting 2 more kills and getting a predator missile. This is great for finding enemies except that if they have cold blooded you may not see them when you are controlling the missile from above if cold blooded is used. If you manage to get a double kill or find another way of reaching 7 kills I recommend the harrier strike next. This is the most basic class setup and earliest used but is decently effective with low risk. (Meaning if you do bad its still not to hard to attain) The harrier is great because it shoots a precision strike before shooting the enemies. Its best to wait to have radar to make it in an area where it can get kills quickly. This setup is best used on team death matches or free for all since there is a medium amount of people but remains as being basic and low risk factor.

Recommended for team death match (Basic)

UAV 3 kills

Predator Missile 5 kills

Harrier Strike 7 kills


For Groundwar reccommened killstreak setup

Ground war offers you a ton of enemies to rack up kills for your kill streak rewards. For this you might want to setup higher rewards since you have more to kill. Depending on whether or not it is team death match ground war or domination will vary. It may be easier to get more kills in domination since the game typically lasts longer that the 100 kill limit that team death does. A good example would be to setup the predator missile, harrier strike, and or pave low/ ac 130. Uavs are not as useful since there are so many players running around that it is somewhat useless or less effective. The predator missile is VERY useful on ground war since there are many more people and when you control the missile you may get a triple kill or multi kill. Then at that point you have a harrier to call and can use either your pave low or ac 130. It is slightly easier to get the pave low since you need only 9 kills rather than 11 but the ac 130 can prove very effective since there are so many people.

Recommended Ground war setup kill streak

-Predator missile 5 kills

-Harrier strike 7 kills

-pave low or ac 130 (personal preference here)

   The right kill streak set up all comes down to how many people there are to achieve the easiest possible ones. If you are playing with more people and longer time choose rewards that are higher. On the flip side if the player count is lower use smaller kill streaks.

For Search And Destroy

This game type is much different than others since once you die you have to wait to re spawn. You should set your kill-streaks very low on this since you may not have the time or opportunity. The UAV and counter UAV are very useful in this game type. A lot of people will camp on this because they are aware of one death and its all over till next round. If you get a UAV it will make it easier to find and counter UAV will help you from dying if they put up a UAV. The 3rd one to activate is moreover up to you depending on how you think you will manage. The predator missile is okay but you will not be able to use it in the first seconds of re spawning. I recommend the harrier strike but any other kill streak is fine since the first 2 are most important.

Recommended Kill streaks for Search and destroy




Reccommended kill streaks for advanced players or high risk players

   For Team death matches or similar gametypes




For Search and destroy advanced players




Set up killstreaks according to the map

If you feel very confident on certain maps you should set up your kill streaks higher than what I recommended earlier or what you like to use. Some people work better on small maps and others work well on large maps. You should set it up accordingly. Setting up kill streaks correctly for the maps your best at will aid you in perhaps doubling out kills. On the other point, if you don't usually play well on a specific map set them up lower so if you do bad you have an opportunity to still get experience and they will aid you still.

**Note the kill streaks noted in this article are merely to help you with your potential. These are no means the right ones but only the conservative ones that are opinionated.**


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    • profile image

      just playing 6 years ago

      Love mw3 bf3 stinks I stay lost most of the tome only thing that I find is someones bullet

    • profile image

      Sanders 6 years ago

      is there going to be nazi zombies in cod modern warfare3

    • profile image

      hotshot  7 years ago

      i thank the best killstreak is pavelow, chopper gunner , and the nuke. well the pavelow os strouger than harrer and get more kill. the chopper gunner is very useful because it last until someone shoot it down. and than the last killstreak the nuke my favorite killstreak .

    • Local Realtor profile image

      Local Realtor 7 years ago from Wareham

      My favorite is predator, harrier, ac130. Put nuke on once in a while and drop predator, although I have only gotten one nuke (to my defense I only have put it on a few times less then ten). Good info hit me up to play cod2, I am seadoomsbomb on xbox360 and my kill to death is 1.73.

    • profile image

      Aqri 7 years ago

      Very good tips for the killstreak choices. Though I think you shouldn't use the Pave Low and Choppergunner in one setup since you can only have 1 active chopper at one time. I've had some matches where I couldn't call it in because of this.

    • David 470 profile image

      David 470 7 years ago from Pennsylvania, United States

      Yeah, putting a harrier and pavelow at the sametime is good except you may not get as many kills as the harrier or pavelow may steal kills from each other.

    • profile image

      Derek1 7 years ago

      My favorite is predator, harrier, pavelow. Once I get the harrier, I just wait a second, then put the pavelow up at the same time. This way it is harder for the enemy to shoot them down.

      When going for the nuke, I use harrier, chopper gunner, and of course nuke.