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Modern Warfare 2 General Multiplayer Tips

Updated on August 14, 2010

Tips to keep in mind

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is very popularity and many players play it. It is the mainstream game of today and is quite fun. The only problem is that it can be very frustrating and tedious at times. This may be the constant spawn deaths you receive or deaths from kill streaks activated by the other team. You may throw your controller at the TV and take a fit. Quitting the game can happen often as well with enough frustration. Their are a lot of good players out their doing different tactics. You need to find the tactics that work for you. Their are some things to follow no matter how you play though. The tips below should be kept in your mind while playing modern warfare 2. Some of them can just make the difference in getting raped or dominating the battlefield which ever game type you play.

1. Set your kill streaks up for the specific game type as you will not be able to change this during the match. This can kinda suck if you play a game type where you like your kill streaks lower and you find you forgot to change them.

2. Play the maps you are good at. Now I know being versatile is good, but try and play the maps you can do well at most of the time. These may include the larger maps if your a good sniper or smaller maps for close quarters expertise. Do not quite the are in as this will penalize you, but vote the map or back out in the lobby itself. Playing a map you know better and more comfortable can make all the difference. It can be quite substantial at times. I have found myself going 21-3 on some maps and then 3-14 on others.

3. Always have a lot of different types of versatile classes. This is important cause you may need a sniper or class that will help you better based on how the other team is playing. Try not to make similar classes. Of course when you prestige multiple times you unlock more custom classes which can help quite a bit.

4. When you reload always take cover if possible. This can make a huge difference since it does not take much for you to go down if your reloading and can not return the enemies fire. Going prone or crouching should be done. If your shooting around a building go back return to the wall and commence firing again or peek out with your iron sights.

5. Try to avoid being out in the open if enemies have the potential to see you. I can not stress this enough because going out in open areas leaves you open for snipers and other people that can be camping and looking down their iron sights and all they have to do is a quick tap of the trigger. Try and look for detour routes to flank your enemies and play methodically.

6. If you are racking up kills in an area back off. This is important since the enemies will get very angry and will track you down. No matter how good you are doing try and back off to a different area and get kills. They may think you died and you can ambush them in another area.

7. Always have a rocket launcher prepared. Just in case the enemies are calling in tons of harriers and other kill streaks be sure to have a stinger in one of your classes. One of the default classes have a rocket launcher, but you may not like the primary weapon so make at least one custom class with a rocket. You do not want you and your team getting spawn raped by a harrier the whole time. Take any kill streak out as soon as possible.

8. Flank your enemies. This is important in vitually and game type. Getting up behind the enemy will get you easy kills. Take the detour routes whenever possible. This may be tracking down a sniper that is firing up in a window. Get up behind him and take him out.

9. If you are going to hold down in a building plant claymores at doorways. Just be cautious not plant them where enemies can see them. Also know they could have perks that enable them to get by or see them. Even if the claymore does kill them it will still alert you when they arrive for you.

10. If you run out of ammo pick up the enemies weapons to continue. Being stuck unprotected is not a good thing, If you have scavenger you can get more claymores for dead players corpses. This is very useful.

11. Make use of your flash grenades. If you think someone is in a room or know throw a flash and rush in. Stuns are okay, but they do not blind the enemies and many times their gun is already pointed from where you are entering. Blinding them is a better option usually, but not always.

12. Most importantly do not give up practice makes perfect. You will have some games that you will do terrible, but take these as mistakes to learn from. The thing is there are many different levels of player skills out there so it will always be different.

Modern warfare 2 is a fun game do not take it seriously all the time. Try your best and do not get frustrated as this can lead to more deaths such as rushing in and etc. Practice, practice, and more practice. Get into the rhythm and you will get better. Experience is what you need and following these guidelines can help.


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