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Modern Warfare 2 UMP .45 The Swift Submachine Gun Class Setup

Updated on October 29, 2010

The UMP .45

   A lot of assault weapons on call of duty modern warfare are very powerful and accurate. However, sub machine guns can prove more useful in some instances. You have much more mobility with them then assault rifles and they shoot very fast. The only thing that really lacks in the sub machine guns is there range. This is one of the few weaknesses they have. You may not be able shoot extremely far across the map easily with one. The thing is these guns are great for close range and some medium range work. All the sub machine guns are pretty good but the one that shines the most is the UMP .45.

   The UMP .45 is a pretty common favorite to be used among players and can really help you out if set up correctly with perks and equipment. Depending on the map you are playing is also important with this setup. The great thing about the UMP .45 is how good its stats are. This is the most powerful machine gun and is actually a lot more powerful than some of the assault rifles. Add its quick rate of fire and you got an almost unbeatable gun. The gun is also lightweight so you will be able to move much more quickly across the map. This is very effective since you want to get in a good position before the other team does. What will make this class shine even more is added the right perks and attachments.


UMP .45 attachments to use

You will find that the UMP .45 iron sights alone are quite good. A red dot sight is not necessarily needed, but may help you if you want to shoot a bit farther. The accuracy is great on this gun but due to how light weight it is the recoil can affect your performance. When aiming down the sights at farther targets be careful not to spray out of control or you could miss. When your close you should not find much trouble eliminating targets especially with the setup that is going to be shown below. If you opt not to use a red dot the fmj or rapid fire should be used. This are both great for making its stats even higher. The fmj will give you a small damage increase and rapid fire will give you higher rate of fire. The other attachments are okay, but not really as useful. For example, you don't really need extended max since the ump already has good clip size and the acog scope is better for longer range guns.

Recommended attachment set ups

-UMP .45 with FMJ

-UMP .45 With rapid fire

UMP .45 Red dot

-In search and destroy if bling is used you could add multiple of 2 of the noted above which is very effective**

Best Perks For The Swift UMP Class

More importantly are the perks that you will want to use for the UMP .45. There are multiple ones that will help you depending on how you want to use them. If you are looking for an extremely fast class then adding marathon, lightweight, and commando is an excellent choice. This is for people who want to get to positions fast and possibly beat there enemy to them. Since you will be so fast commando will help out tremendously. This is great for going through buildings and knifing people before they knew what hit them. You also may find that you will escape enemy fire when running across streets since you are moving so quickly. Even though you don't have stopping power it is still quite good damage considering how good the stats are. Also to note that not having scavenger you will run out of ammo quickly so be careful on your shots.

For people who are looking for more power while still remaining pretty mobile is setting up the class more conservatively. Adding scavenger, stopping power, and ninja pro is great. You will have plenty of ammo and stopping power will make this gun even stronger. Not to mention if you have fmj attachment as well. You will still go fast, but the focus here is power with moderate maneuverability. The reason why ninja pro is used cause since you are not as fast like the first class mentioned you will want your foot steps unheard when in buildings so enemy's do not expect you.











You see the first one is more about power while still remaining decently mobile. The second one is all about speed that will still hold its own on power. You could make both of these classes and switch them accordingly. Just remember these classes will help, but may prove ineffective on longer targets. Try to get maps where your closer and play accordingly to how the class is setup such as moving trough buildings or jumping off buildings to escape fire.

   I hope these classes will help you in Modern Warfare 2.


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    • profile image

      Kkk 6 years ago

      Ump45 with red dot sight is awesome

    • profile image

      Rbeck93 7 years ago

      best classes r ump45 silncer marathong stopping power ninja pro , or ump45 FMJ marathon, stopping power, and ninja pro (:

    • brettb profile image

      brettb 7 years ago from London

      The UMP is great. I love this game.


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