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Modern Warfare 2 Free for all tips

Updated on August 14, 2010

You should approach Modern Warfare 2s free for all slightly different than other game modes. Its every man for himself so you must take caution when your out there. Getting a good position is vital in free for all as other game types except this time you only have yourself to cover. Many players will snipe on free for all since they know multiple players will not team up on them and they take advantage of this. Here are some guidelines to follow for maximum potential.

1. Using the perks scavenger, stopping power, and Ninja pro are nearly a must on free for all. Some other perks may be decent, but I am going to tell you why this is the best. Scavenger is great because if your using a weapon that does not carry much ammo your practically going to need it since you will run out very quickly.( e.i SCAR H ) Its also good cause you can pick up claymores from dead enemies and continuously to plant more to cover a position you have hold of. Stopping power should be used cause you will at many times be at 1 on 1 and won't have team mates to help you so this will give you an edge. It is also needed if your using an accurate weapon that has bad damage stats such as m4 or acr. As for ninja if your covering a position in a building or moving through you don't want others to be alerted or they will have the potential to take you out.

2. Use weapons that are very accurate or ones that have a lot of power. These include SCAR H, M4, and the acr are very good. The acr should almost always have stopping power though as its relatively weak with out. It is accurate, however and can be very useful on free for all. When it comes to weapon attachments the red dot or a silencer are good ones you use. Grenade launchers should be saved for ground war and may irritate people on free for all.

3. Make your way to a position that you are most comfortable with or do well in. Take out any enemies that are in your way. Try not to rush and check behind corners and such. If you fail to make it their try to attempt again. Once you get to a good place set up claymores at points of entrances. A good question to ask is what are all the possible places I can get shot from? These can include windows, doorway, or broke walls. Be careful at windows as snipers may have an eye on you.

4. Camping may be frowned upon often, but in free for all its recommended due to spawn points. The spawn points can be quite terrible and running around will get you killed as people spawn oddly. You don't have to stay in the exact same spot, but try and maintain a certain area. As mentioned claymores are your friend and will alert you and possibly kill the other players. There are no other team mates so think of claymores as your team mates.

5. When you or someone else calls in an air strike do not move around to much. The reason why this is important is because you can't hear very well and may run into people and get yourself killed. Its best to keep a low profile when you can not hear to well.

6. If someone calls in air support or something get inside quick if your not already. Being out in the open is a surefire way to get killed by a harrier or something very quickly so find a place to hide unless your already in a good camping spot.

7. When in a  good position always go prone or crouch when reloading from windows or else you may get shot rather quickly. Small movements you make will be the difference whether you live or die. Try and maintain a position as long as possible before you spawn. The same goes for peaking around walls and such.


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