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Call Of Duty Nazi Zombies Der Riese Teleporter B Strategy

Updated on November 19, 2010

Der Riese Teleporter B (THE OTHER WAY)

There are numerous strategies to play Nazi Zombies to attempt and to get as far as possible. Der riese is the 3rd map back available for Call Of Duty World At War Nazi Zombies. I have an article on the catwalk strategy, but this one will be different. The picture above is teleporter C. I am going to explain how to use teleporter B as a strategy to make it very far if done correctly. I have made it as far as round 30 using 4 people with this plan before. I do not use this often as most people do not cooperate and I usually just use other plans, but this is another option for this game. Teleporter B is located on the right sight of the map of where you spawn on the second floor. Its past the double tap and you need some points to open the door to it. This is the area in which you can make a stand when you make it to the higher rounds.

This plan in my opinion should only be used with four people and you might be able to get away with three, but I would not advise it. There are a couple of ways to get to teleporter B and taking the left path may be wiser. If you open the door at the stairs above where the thompson is then zombies can come from there as well. It may be a smarter move to go left when you spawn and go the whole way around across the middle bridge and open the door to the teleporter. This means zombies can only come across the bridge and a couple windows. Then they have to cross the small catwalk to teleporter B.

Its up to you whether or not you want to open the stairs in the thompson room, but I would not if you want to block them out. This is especially true if you plan on using this strategy as a means to make it far in rounds.

Teleporter B Setup

When you make it pretty far (10 rounds+) you may want to think about moving to teleporter B. Do this in between rounds. You could also save a zombie crawler and high tail it to teleporter B. Again this strategy best works with four people, but its ultimately up to you. There are two windows that needed to be guarded and the bridge itself. The window on the left is in small room that needs to be protected. Only one person needs to hold this position, but it is of course very important. The other window on the right(behind where the magic box often spawns) will also have zombies coming through. Your overlooking a part of the map from here. The person here can defend the window and perhaps sometimes help the others.(only when needed) Now the players with the best guns should guard the bridge/catwalk. They should stand on the other side of the bridge and if they want they could go closer if you have the thompson stairs closed off. The players should have machine guns,ray guns, or something else that is very good.

This plan is very "position based" and requires all players to do there job. If a player runs out of ammo in the middle then they should switch off with someone guarding a window. There is not really a need to make a crawler either as a player at the window can barricade a zombie in it. As long as everyone does there job you can make it quite far. If worst comes to worst then you can teleport to the mainframe.


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