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Nazi Zombies Shi No Numa "Running Track strategy"

Updated on September 2, 2011

Call Of Duty World At War 'Shi No Numa map"

Shi No Numa is the second map pack available for Call Of Duty World At War. In this map there are 4 surrounding areas and a center. The magic box starts on the bottom level which will eventually move to different areas of the map. Its obviously a good idea to run where the box is in between rounds. Most people will get a crawler to move to the area. The four areas are fishing hut,doctors quarters,comm room, and storage. There is a strategy I am going to explain in this article on how to get quite far "IF" done correctly. This can be done solo or with people, but sometimes other players can screw it up. This is not a glitch, but is definitely a strategy to getting as far as possible on this map. Some people have heard of this while others or not. I will outline the basic premise of this strategy.


Running track is a name given to a method which involves continuously running to get as far as possible on this map. You can not do it at the very beginning, but once you open the door to the com room you can. There is a track in the com room side in which you can run around over and over. This is a great way to get zombies behind you and pile them up to shoot at. This method is very strategic and must be done correctly or you will get trapped and surrounded.

When you first start the game try and get some good guns early. The Thompson is pretty good for running track except you may run low on ammo quickly. Use the magic box and keep weapons that let you run fast. It difficult and nearly impossible "at times" to use an MG42 and run around without taking hits cause your slow. It is also hard to get out of sticky situations where you almost get surrounded.


This is great for someone playing solo, but can also be done with people. If you have other players tell them you are going to run and have them hide out in the com room if the box is there. There may be less players inside hut(s), but 50%(I use that number loosely for no. of zombies ) will come after you. They can have 2 people at the windows and one in the front. You will be running track outside.

When you first get in the com area run to the right and follow the boarded path. This allows you to avoid the swamp which slows you down significantly. You will have to go into the swamp when you go around once, but you can jump and avoid most of it. Follow the path and shoot any zombies in front of you. Try not to look behind you to much. I say this because a lot of people will turn around then a zombie attacks them from where they were just facing. Be careful cause one mistake could be fatal. There will be a small shed or hut that you have to go through. Once you go through there may be zombies coming from the center. Shoot them before they get close. "Most zombies" will be behind you the whole time as long as you keep moving and other players are not out there.

Keep repeating this and every once in a while turn around and shoot when you think you have time. You should run and shoot and not stop. Just do not do this to much or a mistake may happen. Use fast running weapons.


The best weapon to use is the wunderwaffle. If you can get this running track will be easier and much funner. You can turn around and kill potentially 10+ zombies at a time. You will not have to turn around as much cause it takes out so many. You also run fast with it.

It would be a good idea to get juggernaut and other perks eventually cause this will help you tremendously when running track. Try and create crawlers, but not to many cause they can stop you and get you stuck inside the huts. The wunderwaffle along with other perks will help you a lot. Using the gun glitch will also benefit you. Running the track is a great method and can give you an adrenaline feel. Just make sure you avoid the swamp when you go around as much as possible. Also shoot zombies that are blocking your path and shoot the ones behind you periodically.


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      falco 5 7 years ago

      I must say that screenshots of this new map look awesome, so I will probably try this addon in reality soon.