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Call Of Duty Nazi Zombies Nacht der Untoten "Help Room Strategy"

Updated on September 2, 2011

Nacht der untoten

Call Of Duty World At War's very first map is called Nacht der untoten. This map does not need to be bought to be played. You merely have to beat the game(any difficulty) to unlock unless someone sends you an invite(I believe). This is what got this game mode so popular and showed how fun it can be. It may not have the depth of the maps created after it, but is still fun and is the foundation of Nazi Zombies. So what the hell is Nacht der untoten? It is actually German for "night of the undead". Now that makes more sense to English players who do not know German. A fitting name as you are fighting zombies that are Nazis.

This map does have a few main strategies and I am going to explain one of the main methods. When you first spawn you are in an area with 5 windows. This map should definitely be played with four players usually. There are stairs and a room that says help. This is referred as the help room. You need a certain amount of points(money basically) to open them. Depending on what you want your plan to be will depend on which one you open.

Its okay to open the both, but if you open the help room door, do not open the stairs on the second floor. You will have to many places to guard in the "help room" and will be over run. This should never be done. Many new players, or people that do not listen open everything, and this is not advised.

The first method is to get enough money in the spawn area room. At that point, one scenario is opening the help room. The help room has 3 windows and a wall that breaks. This wall needs to be repaired often. Zombies can also now come through the door you just opened. The stairs will be blocked as long as you do not open them. The magic box is also in this room.(enables you to get random weapons). Defending this room is great cause you can have two people guard the entrance and the other two guard the inside windows and wall. You will not have to worry about the stairs as long as you do not open them.

Not Opening the Help Room Door Ever

This method might be more practical in the long run. Guarding the help room door is okay, but the zombies come through much faster. The other way is to open the stairs in the spawn area. Then you go up on the second floor and open the stairs leading down into the help room. This is the other way of indirectly getting to it. If you open the stairs(ones in help room) NEVER OPEN THE HELP ROOM DOOR! You will be over run everywhere! This is probably better cause the zombies take longer to come down the stairs and you can still have two players guard it easier. Then of course the others defend the windows and that breakable wall. Its the same plan, just defending a different direction basically. It should be easier guarding stairs then a door that zombies come through faster.

The nice thing about the help room is that the magic box is in it and you can buy a Thompson off the wall. A ray gun is what your aiming to get in the magic box(awesome weapon). A machine gun is also great for defending. The magic box will never move unlike the other maps where a "evil teddy bear" comes out of it. The box stays there the whole time. You can keep trying to get different weapons when the coast is clear.(preferably between rounds)

Love Nazi Zombies, check out my website, which will continue to be updated frequently:


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    • profile image

      jacob 5 years ago

      Thank you I got to round 15

    • profile image

      luke 6 years ago

      where are the doors as there is no jug and outher perks ?? that cant be the hole map as it would be boring

    • profile image

      L1GhtningSt0rm2 6 years ago

      My strategy for this map is to go to round 4 or 5 open help door go 1 to 2 rounds In there try to get a ray gun or flame thrower

      Sawed off shotguns and Tommy,and brownings work also then open the chair in help room go up and keep checking barriers and stairs recommended for 2-4 players me and little bro made to round 63 with that strategy GOOD LUCK

    • profile image

      its mario! 6 years ago

    • profile image

      V8 x Destroyer 6 years ago

      i now a better strategy

    • profile image

      Patient4479 6 years ago

      You don't win Nazi Zombies, it's infinite. You just try to go as high as you possibly can before your inevitable death. I love this game and I love this map. It is fun killing zombies with my friends.

    • profile image

      THOR 7 years ago


    • David 470 profile image

      David 470 7 years ago from Pennsylvania, United States

      Yeah, you can do that too. I have done it. The only thing that is a downside, is making sure a crawler is made.

    • profile image

      ~~ 7 years ago

      The farthest I've gotten on Nacht Der Untoten was when me and my buddy lasted up to 16, what ya do is at level 5, open the gun room, and then at around 8 or 9 ya go up the stairs in the gun room, and make your stand at the grenades area, every one in a while try to get a crawler so you can get better gun in the random gun box if necessary

    • profile image

      maicol566 7 years ago

      sorry me active the open door the strategy failed and the zombies kill me : (