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Call Of Duty Nazi Zombies Der Riese Catwalk Strategy

Updated on October 22, 2010

Der Riese Catwalk strategy

Call Of Duty World At War's Der Riese is the third map pack available for nazi zombies. There is a key strategy that I am going to explain in which many people use. There are virtually tons of other things you can do, but this one can be quite productive and useful. You can make it quite far in rounds if you do it this way. This is referred to as the catwalk strategy or plan call it what you wish. Its basically a plan in which best works with three or four people. You can do it with two, but it is much harder and less productive. I have gotten quite far once with just me and one other person. I have found three people works the best. The reason is because you can hold the catwalk down with three while having less zombies. The more people you have the "longer" the rounds will last.

There are a couple catwalks on this game. The one I am referring to is near the generator in the back. You need to open the door near the generator switch to get to it(door where first magic box appears). There is a catwalk and a balcony with a window on top. When you first start and go through a couple rounds you will have access to the magic box and the option of opening the big door. It is highly advised you do not open the back door until you get better weapons. Use the magic box until it disappears. The wunderwaffle is great from shooting from the catwalk.

Once your ready this could be around round 10+. That's when I would open the big door or many others usually do. For a while,however, you can use the door to defend at. When you do intend to open the door have your team mates come with you. Now, there are a few ways of defending the catwalk. You can have two people guard the stairs and one at the window.(if you have a 4th have him shoot out the window at the front gate). The other way is to have ALL the players go to the corner and fire at the zombies when they arrive. This works good, but may be hard to shooter over people. Its up to you and your team mates to determine whether or not you want the window guarded. If you have 2-3 people defend the stairs you should be okay.

The people at the stairs should have powerful weapons though and the one at the window does not need the best weapons. If there is a fourth person or a person who does not need to cover anything he cant shoot outside with it. THIS WORKS GREAT because he can take out many while the other players fire at the zombies coming up the stairs.

Saving a crawler is vital if you want to open other teleporters,upgrade weapons,get perks,and use magic box. If someone has monkeys have them throw them out the window far away to make crawlers near the end of the round. You could also use grenades or molotovs, but monkeys take the pressure off for a while and can make a lot of crawlers.

This strategy is the most known, but having your team mates cover each other is vital. Some people have to reload big weapons. Its good to have two main defenders and 1 or 2 other players shooting out the windows. The monkey bombs and wunderwaffle will make all the difference with this strategy.


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