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Call Of Duty Nazi Zombies "Verruckt Generator Room Strategy"

Updated on October 22, 2010

Verruckt Map Pack 1

Verruckt is the first map pack available for Call Of Duty World At War's Nazi Zombies. This map implemented the ability to buy perks and the magic box will eventually move to a different location. This map is also much larger than the default map that came with the game. You start out on two sides. If there are four players than they will be randomly split into these rooms. The players on the left need to make enough money and go up to the second floor and go to the end of the complex. There will be a generator room with a switch to turn on the power and the magic box is in it. The players on the right room can now leave the room there in and make it to the other side.

One of the strategies I am going to explain is how to use the generator room as a defense hold out. You must not open the door behind you in it. This will allow zombies to come in from both sides. There is a window at the bottom of this room and of course the door the first players opened to get in. This is great for defending! Now at the beginning rounds you do not really need to stay there. You can move around a bit, but eventually all the players can stay in there and defend.

The magic box will be in there for a while, but will eventually move. The best thing you can do is save a crawler or have a player hold a zombie at the window below in the room. Make sure one player defends this! There should not usually be many zombies that come through, but if one gets out and the others are not looking....You get the idea you die...Its also a good idea to keep an eye on that window anyway cause you can hold a zombie in it. This allows the other players to get perks and use the box in between rounds. You could then switch out with them or create a crawler with the zombie in the window. Be careful though cause throwing a grenade could kill it.

As long as the door behind that allows access to the other side of the complex is not opened you can defend this area decently. The zombies will only come from the front and occasionally the one below at the window. Have two-three players defend the front and one guard the window. The one guarding the window can also be used as back up such as swapping positions with the other players. One of the players may not have a good weapon to use and you have a better one.

You should try and create crawlers or save a zombie at the window below. This is vital if you want to get perks cause you lost them or need others. The magic box will inevitably move so you will need to find it. If you do not save a crawler then it may be very difficult to get to the magic box. The generator room is can be decent for defending you just need to make sure you save crawlers cause you will eventually need another gun or ammo. A ray gun or a machine gun is the best for defending the generator room. For example: have a couple people shooting machine guns and one shooting a ray gun. Of course its hard to say what the magic box will give you so every game is going to be different.

Just do not open the back door in the generator for anything. You can make it to the other side of the building without opening. You simply go around the other way.


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