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Clash of Clans Top Attack Strategy

Updated on September 13, 2014

The Best Clash of Clans Attack Strategies - Intro

Today I will be sharing with you the TOP, BEST, MOST EFFECTIVE attack strategy in the extremely popular Clash of Clans (COC) game.

I am currently on Town Hall Level 8 and I have tested quite a few attack strategies and wasted quite a bit on time on many on them with little results.

As soon as I got to Town Hall Level 8 the difficulty increased by like 4X whereas on Town Hall Level 7 you can easily raid others with relatively simple army and get good loot. Since the loot has been significantly reduced at Town Hall Level 8 looting because an absolute painful grind.

As a bit of background history, for a long time my strategy was to get a bunch of giants, 2-3 healers & a bunch of archers and go to town and it worked very well until you start to get the stronger opponents.

Especially high level walls just kills that strategy, because even if your giants go along taking down defenses and being healed, they are just too slow and the archers can't destroy fast enough and you run out of time before you've got all the goods.

So then I started looking at some very destructive attack strategies to be able to take on high level opponents (80-100++) from my low level (60 ish). I came up with the amazing powerful ballon strategy.

It mainly consists of Training about 25 Lvl 5 Maxed Out Balloons and unleashing them on the enemy bases and using healing spells to make them last longer and to take out Air Defenses. It's VERY effective, I though balloons were crap before! But they are quite powerful once they reach that level. You also use about 10 archers and 15-20 minions for clean ups too.

HOWEVER, The major downsides to that strategy is that it's very expensive per attack, like 160k elixir and that it takes like an hour or more to get ready for the next attack. So I found out that even if I could tackle very high level bases and get good loot that way I ended up with much less loot than a weaker army that you could attack more often which was cheaper to produce.

Then I though what about one of those little barbarian & archers attacks? Like 200 of them or 185 plus 1 healer? It was cheap and fast to make so you could attack a lot. It was only successful on very low level bases and therefore the loot wasn't that good (even with barb & archers lvl 5). On Higher Level bases they would get nailed by the mortars faster than you could see it. And you would have had to spend 2 or 3 lightning spells per attack to counteract that which is way too expensive and long to get more.

After all that I finally found the BEST strategy with a good balance of endurance, strength, cost and speed.

Faster Attacks & Raids

Another good trick is to speed up your training time with 10 Gems / Barrack. To do that you will need a decent amount of gems. I found a way without having to spend your own money which is totally legit.

You collect points to download a bunch of Apps for free and try them for 30 seconds and then delete them. After a while you will have enough to get a 10$ USD Itunes Code. Use that to get tons of gems! It should not take you more than 7-10 days (especially the first time you try it).

Click here to get started!


The Real Deal

So then I came up with the ultimate strategy and refined it more with time. What it basically it consists of about 15 to 20 Lvl 5 Giants (or maxed out Level per your Town Hall Level), 20 or 25 Level 5 Archers, 1 - Level 3 Healer (no more), 6 to 10 LVL 5 Mages (no lower unless your Town Hall is below Level 8, this is VERY IMPORTANT) and about 10-15 minions for air support.

And Also MAXED out Healing Spells for tougher bases, although only for emergencies.

Optional are 1 or 2 Level 5 Wall Breakers to speed up the whole operation.

With the above army you will have a veritable killing machine pillaging villages after villages regardless of levels. There are almost no villages that will resist you. My average is like 90-95% destruction per village at the least. And I often don't deploy the full 200 Man army or even use a single spell.

It's also not incredibly expansive to produce and fairly quick. You can go quick fast if you speed up one barrack with 10 gems. (See my other Page on how to get Free Gems consistently!)

The main trick is to deploy your load of Giants near the closest air defense and let them take that down before you take out the healer and half or most of the mages. Once that's out of the way unleash the healer and the mages and observe the magnificent damage & speed. Throw in the minions and archers here and there for support. Use your maxed out healing spells if the giants are being thrashed too quickly or to help your clump of mages if they are in danger although lvl 5 mages can absorb a bit of damage. They will usually kill their attacker before though.

With the above strategy you will get massive loots consistently and quickly. You will blow through high level bases without too much difficulty and win all attacks. I don't even use dragons ever, they are too slow and expensive for me.

There you go, one of the best kept secrets of Clash of Clans!

Enjoy and happy looting!

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