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DOTA Hero Tips: Batrider

Updated on August 27, 2012


A lot of DOTA players mistakenly regard Batrider as a strength type hero. This is not surprising since he has a decent strength gain despite being an intelligence type hero. Aside from boasting higher health points and regeneration compared to most heroes of his kind, Batrider is also infamous because of his impressive chasing and escaping abilities. He can use the terrain to gain battle advantage. His ultimate skill is also a reliable way to catch an alarmingly strong enemy hero and keep him away from the protection of his allies. If you want to play as a tanker and spammer, this hero is definitely one of your best options. If you are not confident enough that you can use Batrider properly in your upcoming DOTA game, read further as this articles will introduce a couple of basic yet proven effective tips that can help you set forth the blazing power for Jin’zakk the Batrider!

Sticky Napalm

Batrider is not only a tanker and spammer but an effective chaser as well because of this skill. Its slowing effect stacks since this skill can be casted multiple times. The most interesting feature that this skill boasts is its ability to boost fire damage. An enemy hero greatly exposed to Sticky Napalm will find Batrider’s second and third skill very painful. Spamming this skill to enemy heroes on your lane is an effective way to harass them as well. With a decreased movement speed, it will be easier for you and your ranged partner to land a few hits before the melee enemy hero can approach your creeps. This is the main reason why this hero is often paired with a ranged hero who has excellent lane presence such as Viper and Sacred Warrior.


Most Batrider users disregard this skill and I really don’t know the reason why. Did they know that this skill can cause devastating damage especially if the target is affected by Batrider’s first skill? Aside from this skill’s offensive use, it can also be casted at enemy heroes to stop them from chasing you. The cool down time of this skill is quite low so spamming it to harass enemy heroes early on or to weaken them before a crucial team clash are excellent ideas. The only requirement for you to carry out this strategy effectively is high mana points and regeneration. An Arcane Boost and Perseverance are more than enough to supply Batrider with mana in casting all his spells since he has good innate mana pool and regeneration given he is an intelligence type hero.


A lot of DOTA players nowadays love this hero because of this skill. With this skill activated, Batrider can fly over any terrain while setting forth DPS damage in his path. Batrider can easily escape from chasing enemy heroes or initiate a surprise attack with the use of this skill. Enemy heroes who are under the effect of Batrider’s first skill takes more damage so be sure to cast Sticky Napalm at least three times to your target before bringing this skill out. In ideal situations, Firefly is used in conjunction with Batrider’s ultimate skill so you can fully maximize from this skill’s devastating DPS.

Flaming Lasso

Batrider gained the nickname “snatcher” for a reason. He literally snatches an enemy hero away from his teammates with the use of this skill. If use in conjunction with Batrider’s third skill and an item that can help him teleport nearer to a certain target in an instant, such as Kelen’s Dagger or Force Staff, this hero can turn into a very reliable initiator. Using Lothar’s Edge so you can easily get closer to an enemy hero, before casting Flaming Lasso, is also a brilliant idea. Just be sure to use your second skill and the terrain to easily escape if ever the enemy team decides to chase you all the way.

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Early Game

Batrider is an innate harasser so don’t let enemy heroes on your lane freely approach and land a killing blow to your creeps. Challenge them! Keep them busy seeking for shelter from your barrage of physical and magic attacks early on. Don’t worry about farming since you’ll gain enough cash during the mid and late game by simply spamming your second and third skill in a wave of creeps. Just focus on your main goal during this stage of the game which is to pressure enemy heroes. Keep them away from their comfort zones to ruin their game and eventually force them to farm in the jungle. Rushing an Arcane Boots to support your mana needs for harassing is a great idea. You can also choose Urn’s of Shadow if you are having a hard time earning gold.

Mid Game

Work with a team member who boasts a reliable stunning spell like Vengeful Spirit or Ogre Magi. Let him initiate the ambush by disabling the enemy hero. Cast your first skill to somehow slow down the target’s movement speed. Use your third and second skill once after affecting the target with Sticky Napalm at least three times. If the enemy is tries to escape, use you ultimate skill to draw him near your ally. Only a few heroes in DOTA can survive and ambush participated by a well-controlled Batrider. Buying defensive items is only advisable if no other hero in your team can tank. If this is the case, aim for a Vanguard instead of Perseverance.

Late Game

During team clashes, your main goal is to damage the enemy team as much as possible. Before the clash starts, spam your first skill to the enemy team. Doing so will not only lessen their battle effectiveness but improve your spell damage as well. As the clash starts, cast your second skill to cancel any channeling skill that enemy heroes might cast and your third skill for DPS damage. Grab their strongest hero and tell your allies to focus on the one you got. If the enemy team decides to chase you, they’ll be greatly damaged with your third skill. Shiva’s Guard and Radiance are probably the best items for Batrider. The first improves his defense and grants intelligence bonus while the latter provides an AOE DPS which stacks with Batrider’s third skill.


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