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DOTA Hero Tips: Vengeful Spirit

Updated on August 22, 2012


Vengeful Spirit has the most powerful single target stun in DOTA. He is a common pick in pub games since she is a great team player. Her ultimate skill makes it almost impossible for enemy heroes to escape. She can also use it to safeguard her allies from impending death. Vengeful Spirit also emits an aura that improves that battle efficiency of nearby allies which greatly increases their physical damage. With these strong skills and abilities at her disposal, it’s not surprising why most experienced DOTA players respect this hero. Have you recently used this hero and ended up losing? Maybe you failed to user her accordingly. Here are some basic yet proven effective guidelines that can help you unleash the true devastating power of Shendelzare the Vengeful Sprit!

Magic Missile

The damage of this singe-target disabling skills out powers any other in DOTA. Its low cooldown rate even made this skill more devastating. Vengeful Spirit’s power greatly relies on this skill so upgrading it to the fullest should be your main priority. This skill is very useful not only in team clashes but also in ganks. Enemies will find it hard to escape from your team’s ambush as you instantly stun them once they try to use town portal or run away. To maximize this skill, having high mana pool is a must. Arcane boots should be enough to support Vengeful Spirit’s need for mana. Adding a Perseverance or Ring of Basilius will further assure that Vengeful Spirit can use this skill at any moment.

Wave of Terror

A lot of DOTA players are not impressed with this skill. However, its importance can be greatly felt especially during team clashes as it can greatly weaken enemies in a certain area. This skill is also useful against heroes who specialize in surprise attacks. Casting this spell in a fogged area will assure that no enemy is there getting ready for an ambush. The damage of this skill may not be so alarming yet it can still hurt enemy heroes if spammed. Using this skill to harass enemy heroes early on is possible. Just make sure you have enough mana so you can cast this spell immediately after cooling down.

Command Aura

Vengeful Spirit and his allies including the creeps will be granted with bonus damage if this skill is upgraded. This skill made her a perfect partner for Drow Ranger and Moon Rider since these heroes also have auras that can increase the physical damage of nearby allies. This skill will affect creeps so Vengeful Spirit can easily gain lane advantage even without harassing enemy heroes since her creeps are stronger. The bonus damage from this skill is calculated based on your current physical attack so it will increase as you gain more level or by purchasing items that can boost your damage.

Nether Swap

This skill has many uses. You can cast it to save an ally or stop an enemy from escaping. You can also break free from enemy heroes on your tail with this skill. Purchasing Aghanim’s Scepter to upgrade this skill is a brilliant idea. With the item’s effect at play, casting this skill on a creep is possible. The item will also improve this skill’s range. Vengeful Spirit can initiate with the use of this skill. The only requirement is a Force Staff or Lothar’s Edge. While you are with your team, cast this skill an enemy hero within range. You’ll find yourself behind enemy lines so use the mentioned items to escape. Let your allies eliminate the enemy who took your place and just focus on escaping from enemy heroes who might still chase you.

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Early Game

Vengeful Spirit is an excellent starter. Just make sure you have enough mana-supporting items before leaving the fountain of health for the first time. A couple of Clarity potions or a Sobi Mask should do the trick. Your main role in this stage of the game is to pressure enemy heroes. After reaching level three and upgrading your Magic Missile for the second time, coordinate with your lane partner to target a weak enemy hero, preferably an intelligence or agility type. If you are paired with a hero who also has a reliable disabling skill such as Dragon Knight and Rouge Knight, a kill is almost assured. Be sure to cast your stuns in sequence and use your second skill prior the full force attack to somehow weaken your target.

Mid Game

Roam the map once you reach level 6 and upgraded your ultimate skill. Your main role during mid game is to join team ambushes. Your first, second, and ultimate skill are very useful during this stage of the game. By now, you should have a decent mana pool to support your mana needs. Purchasing items that can improve your movement speed is also a brilliant idea as doing so will turn you into a very effective ganker. Phase boots and Yasha are excellent items for Vengeful Spirit. Items that grant life steal such as Mask of Madness or Helm of Dominator are good choices as well since this hero has decent attack speed and high damage due to her third skill effect.

Late Game

Vengeful Spirit is also an excellent hero during the late game since she is an agility type. Her high damage and attack rate made it possible for her to easily eliminate squishy heroes during this stage of the game. Always remember to start the team clash by casting your second skill. Use your first skill to disable your target and spam him with your physical attack. Luxurious items that work well with Vengeful Spirit are Stygian Desolator, Assault Cuirass, and The Butterfly. Use your ultimate skill to gain better positioning. Don’t forget that Vengeful Spirit lacks health points so don’t carelessly rush in attacking enemy heroes during team clashes. Stay on the side line and wait for the right moment to unleash your attacks.


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    • Michael Poon profile image

      Michael 4 years ago from Australia

      IMO building vs as a support is lot better than trying to carry with her. Her carrying potential is minimal; with only her aura that scales.