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DOTA Hero Tips: Grand Magus

Updated on July 25, 2012
Grand Magus Profile
Grand Magus Profile


To get rid of an intelligence type hero, in most cases, all you need to do is boost your magic defense and health points. Grand Magus is probably the hardest one to counter. He also boasts an AOE skill which grants nearby allies added magic defense. His ability to copy enemy active skills is quite a pain, no to mention that only a few DOTA players are quite familiar about his capabilities given was recently released. On the other hand, using Grand Magus is not as simple as it seems. You need to time his last skill effectively for you to grab a useful skill. It’s also imperative that you are highly knowledgeable about every hero in DOTA. Despite the complexity of this hero, if used effectively, Grand Magus can wreck havoc to enemy ranks and eliminate even the mightiest among them with ease. Here are some other helpful tips so you can dominate a DOTA game through Rubick the Grand Magus.

Grand Magus Skill Set
Grand Magus Skill Set


This skill is a burden for fleeing enemy heroes. It can lift an enemy midair and force him to land on a certain spot specified by the user. Rubick and his allies are also free to attack the enemy while above the ground. After pinning the target down, all the enemies around him will be stunned in a brief period of time. This AOE stun can decide a team clash if used at the right moment. It has a very low cooldown time as well making it a much deadlier skill. The mana needed to cast it is not that much so it’s safe to say that Rubick can throw it anytime. With this skill on his arsenal Rubick can be a reliable disabler and chaser on your team.

Fade Bolt

Heroes with high physical attack fear Rubick due to this skill. It doesn’t only deal good spell damage but also reduces the battle effectiveness of anyone that it hits. Another good aspect about this skill is its very low cooldown time making it perfect for spamming, farming, and gaining lane advantage. However, be sure to have enough mana pool and regeneration before using this skill gallantly. Make sure to budget your mana pool well so you’ll have enough to cast Telekinesis and keep your target from escaping.

Null Field

Rubick is a pain to every type of hero including those that rely on spells. This skill grants added magic resistance to him and nearby allies. Some DOTA players disregard this skill as it can’t cause any damage to the opposing team yet this can be very helpful especially during team clashes. With greater magic resistance, your team’s carry will have a better chance to survive enemy skill combinations and will provide him a better opportunity to do his part.

Spell Steal

This is the bread and butter skill of Rubick. It gives him the ability to completely copy a skill recently used by a target. He can use the copied skill for at most five minutes or until he dies. The effectiveness of this skill entirely relies on what skill you copy so choose wisely. You should aim for skills that affect enemy heroes globally such as Lord of Olympus’s God’s Wrath or Silencer’s Global Silence.

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Early Game:

Rubick’s skills are highly effective during the early game so be sure to make the most out of this advantage. Your main role on this stage is to harass enemy carries. Grabbing a few kills in the process is a good idea as well. Continue the pressure until heroes assigned in your lane develop doubts about advancing and even nearing your creeps. This will stop them from gaining experience and gold. With two of the enemy heroes controlled, it’s most likely that your team will win team clashes during the mid and late stages of the game. However, you need a decent mana pool and regeneration to spam Rubick’s skills. This is the main reason why purchasing a Bottle and Crow is a good move. Rushing an Arcane’s boots should be considered as well. Nevertheless, stay away from enemy heroes with high magic resistance and good early game lane presence such as Viper.

Mid Game:

Only a few can match Rubick during the mid part of the game. You’ll end up bullied if you disregard Rubick. Countering Rubick on this stage is almost impossible especially if you don’t have good magic resistance. On the other hand, if you are the one controlling Rubick, be sure to capitalize on this advantage. Your main goal is to harass enemy heroes as much as possible particularly the carry. Be sure to hunt and stop enemy carries from farming. By grabbing several enemy kills, you’ll not only keep the pressure high but also gain a lot of experience and money. I highly recommend Rogue Knight or Skeleton King as Rubick’s partner while ganking. These heroes have both disabling skills and high physical attack. A hero who can boost Grand Magus’s magic or one that can support his weak survivability is an excellent partner as well.

Late Game:

Like any other intelligence type hero, Grand Magus’s effectiveness lessens as the game progresses. This is the main reason why you should aim to end the game as soon as possible. Nonetheless, if you managed to harass enemy heroes early on, late game won’t be a problem. All you need to do is spam both your first and second skill while copying the strongest skills to use it against them. Your third skill’s effect is highly important during this stage of the game. Late game clashes are often played through spell damage so keeping them less effective with Rubick’s third skill can decide the entire game. Be sure to stay on the side or back line during a team clash so you won’t be the enemy’s first target.


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