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DOTA Hero Tips: Krobelus the Death Prophet

Updated on October 30, 2012
Krobelus the Death Prophet Profile
Krobelus the Death Prophet Profile

Krobelus the Death Prophet

No other intelligence type hero can be as destructive in pushing lanes and dealing magical damage to a group of enemy units the same as Death Prophet. Her silencing ability (Silence) is probably second to Nortrom the Silencer since it can affect enemy heroes in a considerable area and has very low cooldown rate. Death Prophet can also easily dominate a lane by spamming her first skill (Carrion Swarm) which leaves no room for enemy heroes to gain both experience and gold. She is an infamous pick in DOTA tournaments mainly because Death Prophet can be effective not only in the early game but during crucial late game clashes as well. But then again, she the common weakness of most intelligence type heroes which is the lack of health points and defensive attributes. If controlled without extra precaution, she can end up being food to Barathrum the Spiritbreaker, Naix the Lifestealer, and other strength heroes who can easily get near and withstand all her skill. What does it take to unleash the true power of Krobelus the Death Prophet? Read through this article and find out everything you need to know about this small yet cunning agent of death!

Death Prophet Skills
Death Prophet Skills

Carrion Swarm

A wise Death Prophet user will consider maxing this skill in the earliest time possible a priority. This is Death Prophet’s best way to kill creeps and gain both experience and gold in the process. Using your normal physical damage is only a waste of time especially if you are up against DOTA players who not only control heroes with close range but are also experts in denying their creeps. Spam this skill as much as possible since its cooldown rate and mana cost is quite low especially after you upgrade Death Prophet’s third skill (Witchcraft). Moreover, this skill can bring upon equal damage to a certain area making it highly effective during team clashes.


Majority of DOTA players who use Death Prophet disregard this skill, thinking that it’s useless since it won’t do any damage. But then again, there are some cases where upgrading this skill is a priority more than Death Prophet’s first skill. A good example is if your team is up against a skillful Rikimaru the Stealth Assassin user and no one has enough gold to purchase a Gem of True Sight or Sentry wards. By simply casting this spell on the area where Rikimaru faded, he will temporarily lose his ultimate skill’s effect making him vulnerable. This skill is also very important during crucial late game clashes since disabling your enemies to cast any spell will surely degrade both their offensive and defensive powers.


Aside from decreasing the cooldown rate and mana consumption of her first (Carrion Swarm) and second skill (Silence), Witchcraft also improves Death Prophet’s ultimate skill (Exorcism) by adding more spirits. Upgrading this skill is definitely a must regardless what skill build you decide to follow while using Death Prophet.


This is Death Prophet’s bread and butter skill. Pushing all three towers in a lane in less than thirty minutes won’t be a challenge to Death Prophet especially if no one in the opposing team will try to stop her. Aside from setting forth colossal magical damage to enemy units and buildings, this skill also heals Death Prophet after its specified duration is consumed. I’ve played countless DOTA games where a crucial late game clash was decided by Death Prophet’s perfect timing and execution while using this skill. Keep in mind that you can direct the spirits to a certain target through your physical attack so focus on the enemy team’s most intimidating member.

Early Game

Like most intelligence type heroes, Death Prophet is highly effective during this stage of the game so make sure to get the most out of it. Your main role is to harass enemy heroes and keep them away from your creeps. This is why a reliable source of mana is a must for Death Prophet. A Bottle and Crow combination is enough to support Death Prophet’s mana requirements while spamming her first skill (Carrion Swarm). However, such approach is only effective if you are occupying the mid lane. For those who decide to take either the top or bottom lane, rushing an Arcane Boots is a much better idea. You can then purchase a Ring of Health so you can stay longer in the lane and turn it into a Vanguard later on to greatly improve your defense against physical attacks.

Mid Game

Continue pushing your lane. You can join ambushes but it’s much better to focus on pressuring a lane since Death Prophet don’t have any disabling skill which makes her less effective during chases. Cast your ultimate skill (Exorcism) while hitting the enemy tower and clear out enemy creeps with your first (Carrion Swarm). Buying a Lothar’s Edge, Kelen’s Dagger, or Force Staff is highly advised so you can easily get out of danger if ever enemy heroes will try to ambush you. A Boots of Travel is a great item for Death Prophet as well since it highly increases her mobility and allows her to move from one lane to another in no time.

Late Game

Your first skill (Carrion Swarm) won’t matter so much in this part of the game but your second (Silence) and last (Exorcism) will. Remember to stay on the back and let your team’s tanker and initiator confront the enemies first. Impair the enemy team’s effectiveness by casting your second skill. Spam your first skill and cast your ultimate so your team will gain battle advantage. By now, you must have at least a Heart of Tarasque or Bloodstone to boost your health points and a Veil of Discord to boost your spell’s effectiveness. A Refresher Orb is also a viable item for Death Prophet but only if it’s impossible to kill enemy heroes before the duration of your ultimate skill depletes.

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