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DOTA Hero Tips: Sand King

Updated on August 20, 2012


Sand King is got such a name for a reason. He is regarded by many as the king of AOE skills since he boasts one of the most devastating one. He is particularly effective at team clashes but also plays well as a chaser. Many DOTA players don’t really know the true potential of Sand King. His strength gain is higher compared to most heroes of his class so using him as a team tanker is not a bad idea. He can initiate team clashes and survives long enough to assist his teammates in disabling enemy heroes and inflicting massive damage to them as well. With these abilities, it’s no wonder why Sand King is one of the most picked heroes in pub games and DOTA tournaments. Are you a complete beginner in DOTA? Here are a few tips that can help you set forth the true unstoppable power of Crixalis the Sand King.

Burrow Strike

This skill is Sand King’s disabling mechanism. Aside from decent damage, this skill is highly respected by many because of its ability to hit and disable a group of enemy units at the same time which made it ideal for team clashes. Burrow Strike can also be used defensively. Sand King can target it on short distance to escape from a chasing enemy hero. With a Kelen’s Dagger or Force Staff in Sand King’s inventory, ambushing him with this skill on his arsenal is nearly impossible. The only drawback of this skill is its high mana requirement. Sand King is a strength type hero so it’s just normal for him to have low mana pool and regeneration. Arcane Boots, Ring of Basilius, Perseverance, Urn of Shadows, and Clarity Potions are possible solutions to this problem. Having an ally who can help improve your mana regeneration such as Crystal Maiden can be very beneficial for Sand King as well.


It won’t be easy to bully Sand King despite having a melee range because this skill can make him invisible at a long period of time. You can this spell in succession as long as you have enough mana. This skill also releases DPS damage in a certain area which makes it perfect for harassing enemy heroes. Simply position yourself near enemy creeps and cast this skill. Your foes will surely have second thoughts about going near your creeps given they’ll need to face the devastating DPS damage that this skill boasts. Sand Storm is also useful in the offensive end as it can be used to negate thrown spells like Vengeful Spirit’s Magic Missile and Skeleton King’s Hellfire Blast.

Caustic Finale

Farming is not a problem for Sand King because this skill helps him eliminate a wave of creeps with ease. Upon landing an attack, Sand King injects venom causing this target to burst after dying. The damage caused by the explosion is high enough to force enemy heroes to retreat. Sand King can dominate a lane with ease with the help of this skill. Always remember that you don’t need to land the killing shot for an enemy creep to blow up. Make sure you land at least one hit on all enemy creeps so they’ll burst after death. This skill has an orb effect so forget about purchasing Life Steal or other items that will negate its effect unless deeply needed by the circumstance.


This is the bread and butter skill of Sand King which made him a very infamous DOTA hero. Upon casting, this skill will release numerous waves that cause both damage and slow effect. In most cases, intelligence and agility type heroes can barely survive after taking all the damage from Sand King’s epicenter. You can then finish them off with your first skill. Probably the only weakness of this skill is its casting time. To overcome it, buying a Black King Bar or Kelen’s Dagger is a must. You should prefer the first since it adds more stats and damage compared to the latter which only grants your hero an instant blink skill. Purchasing an Aghanim’s Scepter while using Sand King is a must as it greatly improve the devastating power of his ultimate skill.

Early Game

Sand King’s main role throughout this part of the game is to harass enemy heroes. His second and third skill will play crucial roles on this matter. Be aggressive and don’t hesitate to cast your first skill and chase a target until he drops dead. Sand King boasts both high health points and a good set of offensive skills so only a few can outmatch him in a lane. Don’t worry about farming since you’ll be earning easily later on with your third skill’s effect. Just keep enemy heroes at bay to introduce more room for you partner to farm. Sand King is a great protector so having him paired with your team’s carry is a brilliant idea. Sand King can also grab a few kills especially if paired with a hero who also has a reliable skill set like Demon Witch and Ogre Magi.

Mid Game

Roam the map after reaching level 6 and target enemy heroes that have measly life points. With your first, third, and ultimate skill combination, eliminating them is a breeze. However, improving your mana points should come first before you decide to be aggressive. You must have at least a Perseverance and Arcane Boots to support your mana needs. Be sure you have enough mana before engaging. Sand King’s physical attack is average but you can’t rely on it since he has substantial attack speed. Most Sand King users rushin buying Kelen’s Dagger but it’s not a good strategy. What good is having an item for a surprise attack if you often end up lacking enough mana to even cast it? Remember that your main role on this stage of the game is to continue pressuring enemy heroes and leading them away from their comfort zones. And you need high mana pool and regeneration to do so.

Late Game

Sand King’s ultimate Skill can greatly impair the enemy team if used with perfect timing. If you have a Kelen’s Dagger, cast it on the sideline and dagger towards the enemy as Sand King starts to emit waves. Cast your first skill afterwards to stop enemy heroes from escaping. If you choose to purchase a Black King Bar, cast the item so you won’t be interrupted by any means as you prepare for your ultimate skill. You need to use your first skill to stop enemy heroes from fleeing as you cast Epicenter. Excellent timing is a must. You should also work in coordination with your team. It would be easier for you to successfully release your ultimate skill if you have a few allies with skills that can disable enemy units in a certain area like Tide Hunter and Treant Protector.


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