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DOTA Hero Tips: Raijin the Storm Spirit

Updated on March 28, 2014

Raijin Thunderkeg

The celestial being summoned to aid the Sentinel in their darkest hour; the Storm Spirit chose to manifest itself in the life essence of a humble elementalist, Raijin Thrunderkeg. Though the Pandaren’s soul perished during the profound surge of pure electrical essence, the divine entity even now seeks refuge in Raijin’s body, unable to thrive on its own. However, despite its mortal imprisonment, the Storm Spirit is far from being limited of its tremendous powers. Able of manipulation vase, inexhaustible sources of energy in mysterious ways, it swiftly hails destructive sparks of lightning upon the Sentinel’s adversaries, eradicating all that dared to cross its path.

Static Remnant
Static Remnant
Electric Vortex
Electric Vortex
Ball Lightning
Ball Lightning


Static Remnant

Raijin creates a remnant of himself containing his essence. The Static Remnant will release its stored energy whenever an enemy unit comes near it. Lasts up to 12 seconds.

Level 1 - 140 Damage.

Level 2 – 180 Damage.

Level 3 – 220 Damage.

Level 4 – 260 Damage.

Cooldown: 4

Manacost: 70/80/90/100

Electric Vortex

Storm focuses his energy to rip open vortex drawing an enemy near to it. This process slows the Storm Spirit down for a brief period.

Level 1 - Pulls 100 units over 1 second.

Level 2 – Pulls 150 units over 1.5 seconds.

Level 3 – Pulls 200 units over 2 seconds.

Level 4 - Pulls 250 units over 2.5 seconds.

Cooldown: 20

Manacost: 100/110/120/130


Storm Spirit becomes overloaded with electrical energy whenever he casts a spell. The charge is released on his next attack as an electrical burst, dealing damage and slowing nearby units.

Level 1 – 30 Damage.

Level 2 – 50 Damage.

Level 3 – 70 Damage.

Level 4 – 90 Damage

Ball Lightning

Storm Spirit becomes enveloped with energy, losing his physical form, and travels until he depletes his mana or reaches his target. While in this form, he deals damage to nearby units based on how far his electrical form has traversed. Damage, speed, and area of the effect improve per level.


Early Game:

Storm Spirit is a great ally but an annoying enemy. His second skill allows him to disable a target while his ultimate skill made him one of the swiftest heroes in DOTA. If used by an expert, killing Storm Spirit is almost impossible. You’ll need a lot of disabling skills just to stop Storm Spirit from fleeing. Some inexperienced DOTA players think that Storm spirit lacks attack capabilities. Nonetheless, I highly disagree as his first and third skills do the job perfectly. If spammed, these skills can deal insane amounts of damage. Your main objective during the early part of the game is to harass enemy heroes. Upgrading your third and first skill is a must to do so. Even enemy heroes with high hit points regeneration won’t survive in a lane long given you spam both your first and third skills. Grabbing a few kills is also a good idea but don’t be greedy. If an enemy hero has very low hit points, cast your second skill at once to disable him and let your teammate finish him off. Storm Spirit is not a carry so as much as possible avoid landing the killing shot. This hero is a highly effective initiator and can a deciding factor in a game if handled accordingly. You should Continues harassing enemy heroes with your skill until you reach level 6.

Mid Game:

Raijin rules the mid game. His ultimate and second skill endowed him with the ability to initiate clashes. The most exciting part about this hero is that you can also instantly avoid impending doom with his ultimate skill, given you have enough mana. Right after reaching level 6, you should start ambushing enemy heroes in all lanes. The mid lane should be your first target. Cast your ultimate skill in the farthest distance possible to achieve maximum damage. Be sure to consider your mana pool so you won’t end up short. After reaching the target, immediately cast your second skill. After its effect depletes, hit your target to slow him down with your third skill. Go near him by simply walking or using your ultimate skill then cast your first skill and hit him again to reapply your third skill’s effect. Do this combination until your enemy drops dead. To be an effective Storm Spirit user, you need to instantly react on various situations. You should know when to initiate or to escape. And one can only be adept in these aspects through experience.

Late Game:

Like most intelligence type heroes, Raijin’s skills are less effective during the late game. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean he is useless. In fact, Raijin can be unstoppable in this part of the game, given he has the right items and his user is skillful enough. A Linkin Sphere is advised particularly if the enemy ranks consist of numerous disablers. Shiva’s Guard is also a good pick on both offensive and defensive end. The AOE slow that this skill will bring upon to the enemy team which stacks with your third skill’s effect can give them a hard time. These two items and others that can provide Storm Spirit with a higher mana pool such as Guinsoo Scythe, Bloodstone, and Orchid of Malevolence are very important. These items enable Raijin to cast his ultimate skill at a considerable distance which eventually deals good damage once he landed on the target. If you really want to be a good Raijin user, be more sensitive about your mana pool. Don’t let it drop too low as you’ll surely get killed if you don’t have enough mana points left to cast your ultimate skill.


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