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Dead Rising Case Zero Bike Part Locations

Updated on September 2, 2011

Bike part locations

Dead Rising Case Zero takes place before the events of dead rising 2. It is basically a prelude to dead rising 2. It costs 400 points on the xbox live arcade which is very cheap. In dead rising case zero you will have to gather bike parts for a motorcycle. This must be done in order to escape still creek before the military arrives. Escaping still creek gives you the An ending which is really the true ending. There are 5 bike parts in which some can be a bit tricky. Some of these can only be acquired at specific times during the game.

The Wheel

The wheel is the easiest to get, but you need to pay 5000$ for it! It is located in the pawn shop in still creek town. You have access to the pawn shop once you save the owner from the zombies. He will be on top of a van when you come out of the safe house after you took the broken bike in. You need to clear the zombies from around the van. Jump on top of it and talk to him. He will take you to the pawn shop where you can get purchase the wheel.

Gasoline can

This one is also easy to find and probably often overlooked. There is only one location you can get this and it is next to one of the gas pumps at the gas station. You can hold this in your inventory without having to hold it the entire time. Some bike parts have to be held the entire time this one does not.

The Engine

This one is where most people have trouble with. Its located in the alley way by the movie theater. Use your map to locate the theater. You can either go through the alley way or use the front door of the theater and open the back door to get to the alley. Its laying on the ground in the alleyway.

Bike Fork

Another tough one requiring multiple steps. Its located in a shed across the street from the barber shop(diagonal from it, pretty big shed). You need a key to open it though.

The key

The key is located inside the hotel on the second floor You can only access the second floor by using the alley way near it and using the fire escape. Jump to the stairs via the garbage dumpster. Once your on the second floor one of the rooms will have a key on the floor.

Once you have the key go to the shed and use it to acquire the bike fork .

The handle bars

Two hooligans will appear behind the dept. store in a parking lot. They will be fighting zombies with the handle bars. They will only appear when it gets close to nighttime. Bob(survivor on roof) might signal you about them.There are two ways to get the handle bars from them.

1. You fight them and take the handle bars(not recommended cause you can save them)

2. You trade a broadsword for the handle bars.

The broad sword is located in the hunting shop. To gain access to the hunting shop jump on the roof that Bob is on and use the other roofs to make it on top of the hunting shop. There is a hatch that you jump into and you can unlock the front door. Get the broadsword and trade it for the handle bar.(its recommended to open the hunting store earlier in the game so you will already have a broad sword to trade)


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    • profile image

      Dipess 7 years ago

      I like it

    • t2webnetwork profile image

      t2webnetwork 7 years ago from Oxford, MI

      I just downloaded this arcade game, it's amazing. Thanks for the guide, as I had a hard time finding the stupid handle bars.

    • profile image

      aznking 7 years ago

      To make your life easier you can get to the roof by going through the window on the second floor of the hotel