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Halo Reach Multi Team Tips

Updated on September 2, 2011

Halo Reach Multi Team

Halo Reach Multi Team pits 6 teams of 2 against each other. This is quite a lot of teams competing for first place. I would of thought Bungie would of set it to 4 teams, but they chose 6 teams which can be quite chaotic. Multi team is very difficult to make it first place every time. Your going to need someone you know who is willing to win. One player alone can not clutch the game every time. Each player needs to equally do well in order to take the lead. It can be very chaotic with all the teams moving around the map shooting at each other, throwing grenades, and much more. Team work with your partner is essential in order to win or at least hit a podium(1st-3rd place).

Teams can not choose there color, but if you are yellow or orange then you may be at a slight disadvantage. This is mainly because these colors look similar and it may be easy to mistake your team mate with the other team. This may cause slight hesitation when seeing a yellow or orange enemy or accidentally shooting your own team mate. I wish these colors were not in this game type, but they are unfortunately. Not to say everyone will hate these colors, but certain players may dislike the idea of this.

In Multi Team you must be aggressive and take advantage of every scenario given to you. Taking the lead early is a good idea. Depending on where the game spawns you may be the deciding factor on how the game turns out for all the teams competing.

1. Make use of grenades from a distance

Since there are 6 teams fighting, there is almost always teams shooting amongst each other. Be the "sideline player". Throw grenades in a large group of them and you could possibly get a double kill or better, if done correctly. Let other players do the work for you in some situations. They will be to busy shooting at each other to notice you throwing grenades from a distance. Have your partner throw grenades also to increase the chance of getting kills while remaining unseen. This is especially useful when your are on a vantage point. Watch for the other team colors to fight and bombard them with grenades from above.

2. Find the special weapons

It may be a good idea to know where the special weapons spawn. (e.i. rocket launcher, sword, and son on) Getting a hold of these weapons will be vital in getting the upper hand in the game. Be discreet if possible in acquiring these weapons. Have your team mate cover you while you use them or vice versa. For example: one player uses the sword, while the other watches his back. Working together in this way will limit the possibility of losing the weapon and other teams picking it up. You don't want this to happen!

3. Be careful of spawn points

The game may spawn you in bad spawn points. If this happens be prepared to fight cause there very well may be other teams nearby. Sometimes teams will spawn behind you on the map. Be aware of where the teams are spawning and where you spawn at.

4. Fire at one person at a time

You may be tempted to fire at multiple teams because theirs so many. Focus your fire on one person cause shooting all of them is a waste of time. This may lead someone else getting a kill that could of been yours or an earlier death. Once you start shooting at someone finish them off. If possible tell your team mate which one your shooting at, and have double fire on one opposing player.

For example: You spot two blue team players. Tell your team mate to focus fire on the one your going to shoot at. This will help take them out quicker and when there killed off then you focus on the other remaining team mate.

5. Don't waste time

Multi Team can go very fast. Don't stay in one area to long if your not making kills. Other teams will constantly be racking up kills. Run around with your team mate consistently. Don't rush into every battle, but take advantage of easy fights.

6. Take out the leader if your losing

Lets say your not currently in first place. The green team is in first place.(for example scenario) When you see the green team shoot them first. You don't want them getting any more kills and taking the further lead. Don't hunt these players out, but merely take advantage of a given situation if given the opportunity.

7. When in the lead, watch the 2nd place team closely

If your currently in first place, take a look and see who is in second. Don't constantly look at the leader board, but do it occasionally when you have the time. The reason why this is important is because you'll know who to shoot if you see multiple teams. Its better that the lower placed teams get kills then the higher placed.

For example:

Your currently the blue team in the lead by 5. The green team is right behind in second place. Lets say multiple teams are coming at you at once.( The green team being one of them) Take out the green team before the others. Even if the lower placed teams kill you, it won't matter so much since there farther behind. Adapt to which team is close to winning when your in the lead.


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