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Halo Reach Forge Mode 2.0

Updated on October 25, 2010

Halo Reach Forge Mode 2.0

Halo 3's forge mode gave players the ability to edit maps to there liking. You could not build the maps from scratch, but could create objects within the map. Players were more creative then Bungie thought and decided to make a better forge mode in Halo Reach. Forge Mode was fun in Halo, but was limited to some degree. You could not build anything in the air and could not make objects phase through objects. If it could not fit then it could not fit.

Halo Reach allows you to keep objects fixed in the air. This allows you to create bridges and other structures in mid air. You could build a giant fortress in the air if you wanted to! You can also phase objects if you want to make buildings and other structures more creative. Phasing(or putting through) also helps connect certain objects better cause the basic physics don't exist.

Small islands, waterfalls....
Small islands, waterfalls....

Halo Reach Forge Mode 2.0 (MORE OBJECTS, MORE CREATIVE)

Halo Reach has much more objects that you can now create. One object that players may enjoy is this giant grid. Its a futuristic platform in which you can see through it, but run along it. You could use this as a base if you wanted to and place vehicles or other objects if you intended. There are also other various new objects that will be valuable for creativity for the player.

Halo forge 2.0 has a map made specifically for editing. Its a huge island by the coast with other various smaller islands,caves and cliffs. The possibilities are practically endless when it comes to making maps. Players will have a very LARGE area to make a map on. Obviously they do not need to use it all, but can pick different areas to start editing.

The budget is 10,000 dollars and you will have a limited number of objects of each type. I think they should lift the limit a little bit when it comes to structures, but I think they limited it so it would not lag. If a player created to much it might lag really bad since there is to much in the environment. This forge mode is what Halo 3 should of been, but was not. Having the ability to phase and fix objects makes a HUGE difference in what you can create. I would imagine players making maps that take place entirely in the air. Teleporters can also still be created so taking advantage of them would be wise too since the forge map is so large.

Forge 2.0

The only downside to making maps is that you can not host one over xbox live. This in my opinion is quite a disappointment. I figured they would of changed this, but you will need a bunch of recent players or friends if you want to get a game started. I really can not understand why Bungie did not make some support for matchmaking your custom games(maps you made).

Forge Mode 2.0 is very impressive cause the map and new features allows for nearly endless creativity. There still is no support for hosting your created maps, but find some friends willing to join and you could have some fun. It also is just fun messing around and making all kinds of stuff in forge anyhow. Bungie did a good job of upgrading the system to allow more creativity.


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      alex 7 years ago

      you can host xbox live forge's