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Halo Reach Team Snipers

Updated on September 2, 2011

Halo Reach Team Snipers

Halo Reach does not have any specific game type just for snipers, but it does include one within Team Slayer. In the team slayer team snipers will come available from time to time. People have mixed opinions on team snipers. Its much different then classic slayer of course. A player may be decent at this game type if he or she is good at SWAT. The main difference is that the sniper is stronger, has less shots, and zooms in twice. Personally, I think SWAT is easier for no scoping and is somewhat easier in general. It will vary from individuals that play it though.

Here are some key points to understand when playing Team Snipers. These are for those who don't like snipers and also for those who like it. Just remember even if you do not enjoy it as much, you still want to play as good as possible. Don't just make it a complete "crap shoot", so to speak. Other players may vote for snipers even if you do not.

1. Aim for the head in most scenarios. A player can kill an opposing player in two shots,however, they often take cover after you take the first shot. For example: You snipe a player in the chest and he quickly moves out of view or into cover. If possible eliminate that possibility and shoot him in the head so you don't have to worry about wasting ammo or getting shot yourself.

ALTERNATIVE: If you see multiple enemies out in the open and they are not aware of you then body shots may be okay. At this point, it may be safe because you will provide assists for your team mates and may be able to finish them off yourself. As long as they are not aware of your presence, snipe away.This may be better instead of waiting for a head shot where you may miss or waste a chance at a kill.

2. Don't remain looking through the scope to long. It may be foolish to aim through the sniper rifle scope for to long. Aiming through it to long opens you up to being flanked or blind sided. You can not see the sides of you or behind you. All you can see is what is through your scope. Zoom in and out to avoid getting blind sided or flanked from behind. This is especially true if you fire shots and the other team takes advantage and shoots you in the back.

Halo Reach Team Snipers

3. Switch to pistol if needed. If you find yourself in a tough situation, switch to your pistol to finish off your enemy. In some cases the player will have to reload. (after 4 shots) This is a prime time to immediately switch to your pistol and finish the opposition off. Reloading takes a while and the other team can easily finish you off.

4. Flank other snipers. Obviously, you do not want to get flanked yourself, but if the opportunity arises flank the other snipers. Depending on the map will dictate how easily or difficult it will be to flank them. Some snipers will sit and look through there scope forever.(often in a sniper tower or in a high elevated position) Blissfully unaware that they can be flanked. This can be a good time to perform an assassination on them. Just make sure others are not watching their back or they spot you trying to flank them.

5. Camp more often. In team snipers its a good idea to hold a position as long as possible. If you blindly run around other snipers will scope you up and take you out. I am not indicating to camp in one area forever, but if you find a good spot remain there. The opposing team will eventually try to out maneuver  so you will need to move. Camp and move, camp and move!

Note: Don't take sterotpicaly sniping spots all the time. These include sniping towers or other obvious structures. If you continue to use these and camp there all the time then expect to get shot. (Other players may be on the low ground zooming in on these positions)

Find a location to camp that is not so obvious. This will allow you to remain more stealthy which is great for sniping.


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    • Galaxies profile image

      Galaxies 6 years ago from a far far away place.......

      good article man. Like your halo stuff. you write about any other games?

    • AllSuretyBonds profile image

      AllSuretyBonds 6 years ago

      Headshot......Great Article

    • evvy_09 profile image

      evvy_09 7 years ago from Athens, AL

      Had to look up some tips while I'm waiting to play Reach lol. Hopefully someone will get tired of playing and let me have the controller soon. Thanks!