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Man Of Steel Superman Lego Sets - Release Date & News

Updated on May 10, 2013

On this page we are going to be taking a look at new Lego Superman Man Of Steels sets. We will being you all the latest news on these new sets and also mention release dates, prices and where you can get hold of these toys. If you are a fan of Lego Superheroes then the new Superman Man Of Steel sets will be something you will not want to miss out on.

In the summer of 2013 we get a brand new super hero film based on the classic DC Comics character of Superman. The new film is called ‘Man Of Steel’ and looks like being something really impressive. With all the massive releases we have seen from Marvel recently DC Comics are trying to match them with their own range of heroes. To coincide with the release of the new movie we are going to be seeing Lego get involved and they will be turning our favourite flying hero into brick format. So what can we expect to see from these new releases?

Battle Of Smallville Superman Set

New Superman Lego Sets

So heading into 2013 we are going to see Lego bring out a few sets based on the Man Of Steel movie. Lego Superman is not something new, early in 2012 we got the Power Armour Lex set which went down reasonably well with fans. Lego are hoping to build on that set though and with the hype around the movie they have the ideal launching pad to make sure that these new builds will do very well. When it comes to the release date this has now been confirmed as May 2013 and so the release date is just before the movie as we expected it to be. That is the way they did it with the big Avengers release in 2012.

So what can we tell you about the new sets? Well as they are going to be closely based on the Man Of Steel film we can assume that the characters who feature in the film will also be found in the Lego. So the new film is based around Superman and one of his greatest enemies General Zod. If you have seen the original Superman II from 1980 then you will remember that General Zod shows up on earth with his two companions and basically causes chaos. We are expecting something similar in the new version of the film, Zod and also the character Faora will feature and so we will probably see minifigures of these. Superman’s parents also feature in the movie and of course as does Clark Kent so again, a few more possibilities for minifigures.

It has now been confirmed that there will indeed be three new sets and these are going to be be Superman Metropolis Showdown with the item number 76002, Battle Of Smallville item number 76003 and also Black Zero Escape which has the the item number 76009.

Metropolis Showdown will be the smallest of the new sets with around 120 bricks and this will retail at around $12. It will have the minifigures Superman and General Zod. The next set, Black Zero Escape will have around 170 pieces and will retail at around $20, this will have Superman, Louis Lane and General Zod as the figures. The biggest and probably best new set will be Battle of Smallville and this will have over 400 pieces and will cost around $50. This one has Superman, Tor-An, General Zod, Faora and Colonel Hardy as the figures. This set features some excellent looking vehicles.

New Superhero Minifigures

More From Lego Superheroes

The Superheroes theme was first released late 2011. Since then we have seen various characters from both DC Comics and Marvel brought to life. The most frequently used character has certainly been Batman, we have seen lots of sets based on him and rumour has it that 2013 will bring us some Dark Knight Rises sets and also some Arkham City sets. Neither of these have officially been confirmed yet but they do look more than likely.

Another big release for 2012 was The Avengers builds. There were four separate ones brought out and they were massively popular partly due to the fact that The Avengers movie did so well at the box office. Next year we are going to see Ironman 3 and again the rumour mill tends to suggest that we will be seeing sets based on this. There is also talk of more Avengers Lego but we have a feeling me may have to wait until the second movie hits our screens in a few years time.

At Comic Con San Diego in July we were given a preview of lots of new minifigures. Some of these were Marvel and some were DC, it remains to be seen if these will feature in new sets or not. The fact is though that characters turned into minifigure form such as Aquaman, Mr Freeze, The Beetle, Doctor Doom and some other more obscure names shows that Lego are willing to use everything at their disposal when it comes to bringing out future sets. We should be getting some really interesting releases over the coming year and then further into the future.

The people at Lego have been working very hard to try and keep up to date with all the new Superhero movies that we have been seeing. When the new Superman Man Of Steel movie hits our screens you can be sure they will have released a few really good quality Superman sets to wow fans all over the world. As more details are released about the forthcoming Superman Lego sets we will keep updating the page and bring you all the latest news and information.


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