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Gandalf Arrives 9469 - Lego LOTR Sets - Release Date, Prices

Updated on May 13, 2012

Today we are going to take a look at the new Lord Of The Rings Lego set - Gandalf Arrives. If you are looking for release dates, prices and any other information about this new LOTR Lego set then you should find it on this page. We will also take a look at where you can buy Gandalf Arrives with the item number 9469 online. This will basically be your one stop guide to this new and exciting Lord Of The Rings Lego set.

Fans of LOTR have been awaiting a release from Lego for over ten years. Sadly no release ever game when the films were going strong and many fans had given up on the idea. But with the forthcoming release of the Hobbit, the people at Lego finally stuck up a deal and decided it was time for both LOTR Lego and Hobbit Lego. So let’s take a closer look at one of the first sets to be released.

The Gandalf Arrvies Lego Set

Gandalf Arrives Lego Set

In January 2012 Lego announced that they would be bringing out seven new Lord of The Rings Lego sets. Throughout the year we have been told that the release date for the news sets would be June, but they have now been released a little bit earlier in early May. So you can now pick these new toys up. As you would expect the sets are based on classic scenes from the three movies. The first of these sets is going to be Gandalf Arrives. This set has the item number 9469 and it will contain around 80 pieces.

This is based on one of the opening sequences of The Fellowship Of The Ring, where Gandalf enters the Shire on his horse and cart. In the film he is carrying fireworks and even lets a few small ones off to entertain the Hobbit children. Frodo is also a part of this scene and it is when he first meets up with Gandalf and tells him that ‘you’re late!’. Although there is little going on in this scene and nothing overly spectacular about it, the fact remains that it is one of the iconic scenes of the LOTR movies. So this makes it a great place for Lego to start their series of Lord Of The Rings Lego.

The set stays true to the film, there is a simple horse and cart and two minifigures which are of course Frodo and Gandalf. In the back of the cart there are several objects which are supposed to be fireworks. As this is the smallest set it is also expected to be the cheapest on offer. It looks as though the initial price for this one will be $13. There will be lots of places to buy these from but if your after a cheap deal you can shop around online and find some real bargains. As you can see from the picture although it's a basic build it does capture the scene very well with all the vital ingredients in there.

The Box Art


More Lord Of The Rings Lego Sets

As well as Gandalf Arrives there are also going to be plenty of other Lego sets for fans to get their hands on. These all vary in size and price as is the norm when Lego release a series. So the six new sets we are going to see as well as the one we have already mentioned are going to be, Shelob Attacks feauting a large Shelob and Frodo and Sam as minifigures. The Uruk-Hai Army is seen as a battle pack and will have five badies included. Attack On Weather Top has some fantastic Nazgul figures and also Aragorn, Frodo and Merry. The Mines Of Moria is a larger set which has a brilliant Cave Troll figure, The Battle’s Of Helms Deep will be the largest of the sets with close to 1400 bricks and lots of minifigures. Then finally The Orc Forge which will feature some nice Orc minifigs. These sets have all now been released into circulation.

As well as these sets there are also some new Hobbit sets that are going to be released late on in the year. These will no doubt be brought out in plenty of time for Christmas 2012 and also to coincide with the release of the first Hobbit movie. All though we have no word yet on which sets are to be released there are plenty of rumours out there. Will we see Smaug in Lego format? Will there be a Lonely Mountain set? Other possibilites include Lake Town, Mirkwood and of course Gollum's Cave.

As you can see the next 12 months is going to be a very exciting time for Lego fans and LOTR fans. This first set, Gandalf Arrives looks like being a nice introduction into the range and also one that will be affordable for most people. The fact that you get Gandalf and Frodo as minifigures makes this one very good value and one people will snap up. We now just have to wait for the release of this set and the others, then fans of the epic trilogy will finally get what they have been wanting for so long, some Lord Of The Rings Lego. It would be interesting to see what Tolkien would make of his cherished characters all being turned into little Lego men.


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