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Lego Minifigures Series 2 - Bios, Barcodes, Guide, Prices, Buy Online

Updated on July 26, 2012

If you collect Lego Minifigures series 2 then you are in the right place. Here will take a look at how you can buy Lego minifigures series 2 and complete the set. We will also take a look at all the characters in series 2 and check out a few of the bios. We will also take a look at the significance of lego minifigures series 2 barcodes and what they mean. Plus we will look at prices. For a complete guide to the Lego minifigures series 2 you are in the right place.

Series 2 of the minifigures came out in 2010. These follow on from series 1 and bring a whole host of new Lego men into the frame. There are some classic Lego men in this series and there are 16 minifigures to collect. Since the release of these there has also been a series 3 that has been released and series 4 is expected to be released at some time in 2011. Now though let’s have a closer look at series 2.

Meet The Minifigures


So as we mentioned there are 16 Lego minifigures in series 2. Each figure is nicely designed and each minifigure has their own accessory. So the list of characters is as follows: Life Guard, Karate Master, Explorer, Disco Dude, Skier, Weight Lifter, Vampire, Witch, Traffic Cop, Surfer, Spartan Warrior, Ringmaster, Pop Star, Pharaoh, Mime and Mariachi. Some of the characters really are nice and they will no doubt put a smile on your child’s face.

As you would expect some of the minifigures are more popular than others. One of the more popular ones from series 2 seems to be the witch. Her little bio tells us that people don’t really know if she is a good witch or a bad one. She is a misunderstood creature, she wants to do good but with all her amazing powers some times she can’t help but do bad things. She likes to cast spells on people and even likes to turn all her neighbours vegetables into candy. Something that the children like but not the parents.

Each of the characters has an accessory, for example the witch has a broom, the pop star has a microphone, the surfer has a board and the ring master has a whip. The little accessories are detachable and can be interchanged between characters.

Collect The Set

When Lego minifigures series 2 first came out the only way you could buy these was in the mystery bags. There was supposedly no way of knowing which character was inside each bag. However it turned out that you could read the barcode to discover which character was contained in the bag. There are places online you can look to find the actual barcodes for each character.

Now though it is easy to buy the individual characters online. If you are collecting the minifigures and you have one missing this is a good way to buy one online. You can also buy the complete set online now and prices are quite reasonable. But if you like the surprise you can still buy the mystery bags that are sealed. The idea behind the lego minifigures is that you can swap them with friends. However Lego say that some figures are harder to come across than others, so buying them online is a good way to complete the set.

The Lego minifigures series 2 really are good fun little Lego men. Series 1 and also series 3 have some great characters as well and these can also be bought online. There are of course many other wonderful Lego toys available and you can find more details on these in the articles below. Lego Ninjago is the latest big thing in the Lego world and there is plenty of information on these toys below. As for Lego minifigures series 2 though, these are great little toys that will put a smile on any child’s face who enjoys playing with Lego, not long to wait now until series 4 is released.


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