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Lego Minifigures Series 4 - Release Date, Characters, Bios, Pictures, Barcodes

Updated on January 12, 2012


Lego Minifigures series 4 are nearly here. With a release date of April 2011 we now know the characters, have a few pictures and basically know exactly what to expect with the release of the Lego minifigures series 4 set. In this article we will have a look at the new series 4 and see exactly what Lego has in store for us all. We will also look at where you can buy some of the older lego minifigures from series 1, 2 and 3.

If you are not aware of Lego Minifigures, they are basically themed lego men. There have been 3 releases so far, series 1 came out early 2010, series 2 came out later on that year and series 3 was released at the back end of 2010. Now it’s time for the eagerly awaited series 4 to be released in April 2011. These toys have been massive sellers for Lego and they have been shipping them out all over the world. So now let’s meet the series 4 characters.

Series 4

Series 4 Characters

So with the release of series 4 there will be 16 new lego minifigures to enjoy. As with the other series each character minifigure has his own accessory, so now let’s have a look at each character and what their own personal accessory will be.

Sports Player with trophy

Frankinsteins Monster

Girl in blue dress


French artist wearing a beret and holding a paint palette

Girl on a surfboard

Punk Rocker with his guitar

One of the Three Musketeers

Viking with helmet and an axe


Emergency Worker in anti radiation suit

Sailor with a telescope

Ice Hockey player with his stick

Kimono Girl holding a little fan

Garden Gnome with fishing rod

Skateboarder with helmet

So there you have it. 16 new minifigures to enjoy. Lego have given us a sneak preview of the set so we also have a picture that you can look at. Once again the minifigures will be sold individually in orange bags. There will be no way of knowing what is in the ‘mystery bags’. Series 1 and series 2 had barcodes that could be identified to discover which character was inside. However Lego changed this with series 3 so there was no way of knowing which minifigure was inside, the same will be true of series 4, so no barcodes this time.

The Best Lego Minifigures

Which Is Your Favourite Series Of Minifigures So Far?

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Other Lego Minifigures

As the lego minifigures series 4 prepares to be released, we can also have a quick look back at series 1, 2 and 3. These have all been very popular and we have seen a variety of excellent figures. Series 1 gave us some classic minifigures such as the Zombie, the Magician and the Caveman. With the popularity of series 1 Lego were quick to bring out 16 more characters in series 2.

Series 2 of the Lego minifigures again produced some wonderful little lego men. Classic characters such as Pop Star, Dracula and Karate Master. Yet again series 2 sold very well and so another series was produced. Series 3 gave us characters such as the Witch, Space Alien and Hula Dancer. Lego seemed to know exactly what kind of characters kids would love and due to the popularity of these figures it is thought that after series 4 they will be releasing series 5 later in the year.

You can buy the complete sets of series 1, 2 and 3 or you can buy the individual minifigures. There are still a few sealed packs floating round that will probably end up being collectors items in the future. You can purchase these on Amazon for quite a good cheap price.

If you or your child like Lego then you don’t have long to wait for the release of series 4 of lego minifigures. The release date is now confirmed as are the figures, so although you can only look at pictures for now, it won’t be long till these hit the shops and you can go out and buy lego minifigures series 4.



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