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Marvel Avengers Alliance: PVP Season 3 & Spec Ops 5 Have Ended

Updated on January 13, 2013



PVP Season 3

My PVP Season 3 Ranking
My PVP Season 3 Ranking

Marvel Avengers Alliance

Marvel Avengers Alliance (MAA) is an online role-playing game for Facebook.

You can collect your favorite Marvel heroes, including the X-Men, and use them to complete Chapter Missions, or play against others in PVP.

PVP initially started out as a way to randomly fight other players, and gain rankings in a ratings-based system.

The PVP season were implemented to give players prizes if they attained certain brackets (silver, gold, diamond, vibranium, & adamantium).

Season 3 just ended.

The prizes were as follows:

Silver League - 100,000 silver coins

Gold League - 10 gold bars

Diamond League - Scroll of Angolob

Vibranium League - Blueprint: Bruiser Power Armor

Adamantium League - New Hero: Psylocke

PVP One-on-One Battle

My Iron Fist vs. An Agent
My Iron Fist vs. An Agent

PVP One-on-Three Battle

Iron Fist is outnumbered; not good!
Iron Fist is outnumbered; not good!

My Season 3 PVP Tournament Team


My Personal Performance Analysis

As you can see on the right, I didn't do so well in PVP Season 3.

I did lose a lot of battles defending (while I was away), but I also won about half when I was actively playing.

What you may not realize is that as you level up, the competition gets harder, and the ISO's get better. If you stick to not paying - as I do - you are not able to get as many superheroes as fast.

My plan is to do better than 50/50 win loss ratio in the next tournament.

Last Tournament, I strictly used Spiderman and Invisable Woman in their Future Foundation uniforms. This tournament I fought entirely with Deadpool and Cyclops/Spiderman.

I wanted to play with Deadpool, because he is cool, and used Cyclops the Tactician, because I frequently fight Scarlet Witch, Dr. Strange, and Human Torch. Tacticians get a 2nd attack against blasters.

I figured I would improve my chances, rather than having 2 infiltrators go up against any scrappers, which seems to have happened a lot lately.

As PVP Tournament 3 was going on, so was the latest Spec Ops #5, in which the Grand Prize was Valkyrie, a bruiser from Thor's homeland. She is a great bruiser to have, and I hope she goes up for sale in the future.

I was not able to get Valkyrie because I do not have all the characters required to accomplish the very last mission. Sad times.

Even when you don't do so well in a PVP Tournament, the goal is to see how you can improve, and do better in the future.

No matter what you rank, you are not a failure. Just pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and get ready for the next fight.

Until then, Avengers Assemble!


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