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Mirror's Edge Game App For iPhone - Tips, Hints, Cheats, Moves

Updated on January 8, 2011

Looking for Mirror’s Edge game app tips, hints and cheats for the iPhone and iPad? Then you are in the right place. The mirror’s edge game app for the iPhone takes action gaming to a new level. This game is based on the computer game and sticks closely to the original concept. Mirror’s edge really is a great game that will capture the imagination of any who play it.

In this article we will have a review of the game, look at how to play mirror’s edge and then go through a few tips and hints to get you some fast times on mirror’s edge. We will also see if there are any cheats available for mirror’s edge. First of all though, if you have never played it, what exactly is the mirror’s edge app?

Mirror's Edge App


The mirror’s edge game app is basically an action game. Your character is a runner. She runs along the tops of the buildings in the city to deliver import documents to undercover organisations. However the authorities are onto you and you must flee from them as they hunt you down. Mirror’s edge uses stunning graphics, a magical soundtrack and pulsating action to keep players coming back for more. The game has several different features which are great fun and give a variety of game play modes.

The basic game is a series of missions. There are 14 missions on mirror’s edge to complete. The first one is a training mission that teaches you all the moves. Then they get progressively harder and more complex as you move along through the mirror’s edge levels. On each level there are hidden bags you can try to collect. These are not essential but the more you collect the better you do. In all 14 levels there are 60 bags to try and collect.

The game relies on swipe technology. Basically when you want your mirrors edge character to perform a jump or roll etc… you simply swipe the screen in the correct direction. There are lots of different moves your mirror’s edge character can perform and you need to learn all these to complete the levels.


Game Play Modes

The first thing you should look to do is complete the standard game. This gets you used to all the moves and the different mirror’s edge levels. There are some bad guys who will try and shoot you, so you need to learn how to disarm these and take them out. On some levels there are different ways you can go to get to your final destination, so these need to be learned as well.

One of the best features of mirrors edge are the speed runs. This is a timed run through a level. You can do a speed run on all the mirror’s edge levels and then you can compete against your best times. There is a global leader board which you can put your score on to and this is good as it means you can compete with other players around the world. The best thing about mirror’s edge speed runs is that once you have done a level once you get a ghost. This means you can race your own ghost to try and get a new fast time.

There is also an option in the menu where you can select which chapter or level you want to take part in. This is good as it means you can practice on certain chapters that you may not be very good at. First though you need to have completed the levels in standard play to unlock the different chapters. This is good as it means you can get a walkthrough of the mirror’s edge levels.

Game Play

Tips, Hints & Cheats

When it comes to using the mirror’s edge app there are a few clever features that can really enhance the game. One is the media library. Click on this in options and it will take you to your iPod music. Now you can select a list of songs that you would like to listen to while you play the game. Click done and then your music will start playing. This means you can put some really good upbeat music on while you run.

Another really clever tip for mirror’s edge is to race ghosts. I don’t however mean your own ghost. If you go on to the leader boards you can select a players name and race their ghost. This is really helpful as you learn all the tricks, moves and short cuts. It’s also good to be able to complete in real time against the world’s best mirror’s edge players.

When it comes to moves there are a few tips and hints I can give you. When you are preparing to slide under an object, first of all jump and then fall into the slide, this gives you extra speed, just make sure you jump early enough. Another tip is balance on the zip lines and slides. You can get extra speed by balancing your iPhone or iPad in a way that makes your character go faster.

As for cheats for mirror’s edge there are a few out there. However they are very difficult to get hold of. If you want some ideas for cheats you can view the ghosts on the leader boards. This should give you a good idea of cheats and shortcuts that will help you log a super fast time.


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