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Top Xbox 360 Games

Updated on August 6, 2017

The XBox 360 may now be an old console but there are plenty of great games out there for it. Some just recently released and still to be released. These are my top picks of those already out there.

The Arkham Series

So far there have been three games released in this series of Batman games, Arkham Asylum, Arkham City and Arkham Origins. They are all based on the Arkham area of Gotham City where the villains roam. You play as Batman as he tries to rid the City of scum like the Joker.

All three games are great to play and have decent graphics. There control systems are easy to pick up and the storylines are easy to get immersed into.


The first of the Crackdown games in which you play a biologically enhanced Agent who's job is to rid Pacific City of the gangs that have taken control. The City is split into three districts, each one controlled by a different Gang.

It is an open world game giving the player a lot of scope to play it in any way they feel will work for the win.

Fable II

Fable II was the first of the Fable games to be released on the 360 and although it was not the last it is the best of them.

The game follows on from the XBox release but set a lot of years later. You play a young urchin who looses their sister and is taken in by an old, blind seer (Theresa) who trains them. Your character has the blood of Hero's and the fate of Albion rests on their shoulders.

The choices you make shape your character and impact on your gaming experience. It is a game you can play through a few times and each experience can be totally different.

If you have never played the Fable Games before this is the one to try.

Games Like Fable

Dragon Age Series

This is another set of great RPG games that has a similar gameplay style to the Fable series.

In the first game in the series you can choose to play one of more than 6 different characters. You can choose from 3 different races. These are human, elf and dwarf.


The Skylanders games will keep your kids entertained for hours and your pockets empty of cash. The first game was innovative in its use of collectible characters that you buy to boost your playing experience. Each game has brought something new to the concept and the newest on due out in October is no exception.

Disney Infinity

Based on a similar idea to Skylanders but using Disney characters this is a great game to play with the family. There are lots of great game worlds to explore with lots of different characters. There is even an edit mode that allows you to create your very own worlds that you can share with others.


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