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Neighthan Rot Doll - Monster High Freaky Fusion - Release Date & News

Updated on February 20, 2014

On this page we are going to be taking a look at the brand new Neighthan Rot doll from Monster High. We will review the brand new Neighthan Rot character and then take a close look at the new doll and tell you about things such as release date, price and where you can get hold of Neighthan from. We will also take a look at some of the new Monster High dolls that are coming from the Freaky Fusion line of dolls that are coming out later in the year.

If you are a fan of Monster High you will know that the show has been running for a good few years now. Mattel are the company behind the show and they are always keen to come up with new ideas for more characters and more dolls. Each character at school is the daughter or son of some famous monster. So for instance we have Draculaura, the daughter of a Dracula, there is Frankie Stein the daughter of Frankenstein and then there is Lagoona Blue, the daughter of the creature from the Black Lagoon. There are countless characters now involved in the storyline and soon we are getting yet another new one to add to the list, this will be Neighthan Rot. So let’s take a closer look at him.

The Neighthan Rot Doll

The New Neighthan Rot Doll

So first of all you probably want to know when the new Neighthan Rot doll is coming out. Well the release date is likely to be over the summer sometime. We do not yet have a definite release date for the doll but if we hear of one we will let you know. Neighthan Rot is being released with the new special Freaky Fusion which we expect will introduce a few new characters to the story and there will also be lots of exciting new dolls based on characters we are already familiar with. The idea of Freaky Fusion is that characters get fused together. The actual special episode is planned for Fall 2014 but the dolls are likely to come out before the show airs.

So what else can we tell you about Neighthan Rot? The new doll was previewed at the New York Toy Fair and this was our first glimpse of the new doll. So first of all we can tell you that he is a cross between a human and a centaur. This is the first centaur that we have had at Monster High. It’s nice to have a new boy at Monster High as most of the new characters we get our girls. We imagine that at some point we may find out that Neighthan has some kind of pet like most of the other students, but no news on that just yet.

So what about the actual doll then. Well it comes with a yellow cap which has a little hole in it for his horn to pop through. He has quite dark pale, his face almost looks like it is meant to have scars on it. He has long straight black hair with colorful tints in it and blue eyes. The outfit he is wearing is very colorful and also has a skeleton printed on the chest and you can also see his insides printed on his clothing. As with all the dolls you get a doll stand and a diary with this one.

As more news comes out about this new character we will update our page and let you know.

The Clawvenus Doll

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More Monster High Freaky Fusion Dolls

Along with the brand new Neighthan Rot doll there are other news dolls and new characters being introduced, so let’s take a look at some of these. The first three are still rumours, nothing has yet been confirmed on these.

Avea Trotter - A really exciting prospect as Avea is half horse half monster. So this means she is the daughter of a Centaur and she is also said to be part harpy. Of all the new dolls coming out this looks to be the most exciting.

Bonita Femur - A cross between a skeleton and a moth of some sort Bonita has incredible wings that really stand out well. She is pale and beautiful and sure to be a popular character.

Sirena Von Boo - This monster is part mermaid and part ghost. Sirena makes for an interesting combination and she has a mermaids tail which is her most noticeable asset. Along with that she is very pale and ghostly looking.

Along with the four brand new characters that we are expecting there are also other new dolls based on classic characters. Again as the theme is Freaky Fusion the dolls are a mix of two characters in one. Some of the new dolls were previewed at the New York Toy Fair. We have Lagoonafire who is a cross between Lagoona Blue and Jinafire Long. Cleolie who is Cleo De Nile and Toralie Stripe. Then there is Dracubecca who is of course Draculaura and Robecca Steam. Then there is also Clawvenus who is Clawdeen Wolf and Venus McFlytrap. We like the fact that there are some really popular well known characters mixed with some that maybe we don’t see quite so often.

Along with the new dolls there is also a giant Monster High Freaky Fusion play set coming out which is going to be called The Catacombs. There is room for 15 dolls in this play set and it stands almost three feet tall! There are lots of moving parts and rooms that you can use to dress your dolls up. In various places around the building there are little clips you can attach your dolls to. This looks like being one of the biggest and best play sets that Mattel have released so far.

As well as all these new dolls from the Freaky Fusion line there are also plenty of other new dolls coming out. There is a line called Inner Monster and with these the brain of the monster is exposed and you can press this and it changes the eyes of the doll. Each doll has three different sets of eyes. You can also open up their chests and put things in there to show what kind of mood they are in.

For fans of Monster High 2014 promises to be another excellent year with lots to look forward to. The brand new Neighthan Rot doll is going to be a really good prospect and as we said earlier it’s nice to have a new male doll added to the list of characters. The Freaky Fusion special will be a very exciting prospect for fans of the show and it will be a good chance for Mattel to introduce some more new characters.


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