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Avea Trotter Doll From Monster High - Freaky Fusion Release Date & News

Updated on February 22, 2014

On this page we are taking a look at the new Avea Trotter doll from Monster High. We will take a close look at this new Monster High character and then review the doll itself. Plus we will also give you news such as a release date for Avea Trotter along with where you can get hold of her from. Avea is being released as part of the new Freaky Fusion line of dolls and we will also take a look at some of the new characters and dolls being released based on this TV Special. If you are a keen fan of Monster High then this is news that you will not want to miss.

One of the ways that toy company Mattel encourage excitement for new dolls is by releasing TV specials. Recently we have had Frights, Camera, Action which introduced a whole host of new ghouls such as Honey Swamp and Elissabat. Previously we have had other specials such a Scaris, City of Frights and also Thirteen Wishes. Each time a new special comes along fans get very excited to see what new dolls will be coming. Later in 2014 another new special is coming out, this one will be called Freaky Fusion and there will be at least 3 brand new characters. Along with that there will be some exciting new dolls with a brand new twist. Before we talk about any of these though let’s look at one of the new characters, Avea Trotter.

Avea Trotter & Other New Dolls

The New Avea Trotter Doll

First of all then we should mention that there is not much yet known about Avea Trotter, we have an early picture to go on and a few rumours. The Monster High Facebook page has confirmed this doll will be released later in 2014 but we are still waiting for specific details, so as the year progresses we will update our page with all the latest information. We are expecting that in February at the New York Toy Fair there will be a Monster High booth with all the new dolls from Freaky Fusion, so after that we will no more.

So what can be tell you about Avea Trotter? Well as you can see from the picture, she is part horse. It is said that she is part Centaur and part Harpy. This makes her a very unique character at Monster High. The only other horse is of course Headmistress Bloodgood’s horse Nightmare. The doll has dark hair and for her outfit she is wearing a red jacket on her top half. We expect that at some point we will find out that Avea Trotter has a pet, no news on what this could be yet although we are hoping it is some kind of baby horse.

As for the Avea Trotter release date we have been informed that it will be sometime in the fall of 2014. This is when the TV Special Freaky Fusion is due to come out. However, if you have been following Monster High dolls for any period of time you will know that usually dolls end up coming out a few months earlier, so do not be surprised if the release date gets moved forward to some time over the summer. These will start showing up online much earlier than they will be available in the stores. Prices look to be about average although at first they may be a little more expensive as demand for the new characters is likely to be high.

Sirena Von Boo

Calling All Monster High Fans

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More New Monster High Dolls From Freaky Fusion

So as with most of the TV Specials that get released there are quite a few new characters. So we are getting more than just a new Avea Trotter doll. So let’s take a look at some of the other new characters arriving at Monster High later in the year.

Bonita Femur - An exciting prospect is Bonita Femur. She is part moth and part skeleton. The highlight of the doll is the stunning moth wings that come out from her back. She has pink hair and her wings are pink and black. If she comes with a pet we are hoping it will be some kind of caterpillar.

Sirena Von Boo - Sirena Von Boo is a mix of a mermaid and a ghost. This means that instead of legs she has a mermaid tail which makes her very unique amidst the ghouls of Monster High. She has long flowing purple hair and a lilac skin tone. We have no idea about a pet yet but would love to see some kind of sea creature, maybe a lobster, a crab or even a seahorse.

Neighthan Rot - This characters was previewed at the New York Toy Fair. He is part Centaur part Human, he has a horn on his forehead. The Neighthan Rot doll is very colorful and he wears a yellow cap with a hole for his horn to poke through. He has pale skin with what looks like scarring on his face. His clothes are yellow, red and a little blue as well. It's good news that we are getting a new boy character.

Along with the three possibly four brand new characters there will also be other releases. The Freaky Fusion special features a storyline where it looks as though some of the main characters get fused together somehow. So we are going to see new dolls where two characters are mixed together. So there is talk of Draculaura and Robecca fusing, Toralei Stripe and Cleo and possibly a few others. These have not yet been confirmed however but we are pretty sure we will see some dolls fused together as it were.

The Freaky Fusion Castle

A New Playset

As well as new characters and new dolls there is also a Freaky Fusion Castle! This will no doubt feature in the storyline and it does look very impressive. The castle has three separate floors and stands around 3ft high. There are stairs, an elevator, a pool and all kinds of other great features. Apparently there is room to display as many as fifteen dolls in the castle so it really must be very large indeed. This is one of the largest play sets we have seen Mattel release and so it is likely to be very popular although it will also be quite an expensive one.

So as you can see there is going to be lots to look forward to over the next few months. When Avea Trotter get released we are sure she is going to sell extremely well for toy makers Matter. Along with the other Freaky Fusion new characters there really is plenty for Monster High fans to be happy about. If you love to collect Monster High dolls then you really are going to be spoilt for choice in 2014.


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