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Old Fashioned Vintage Scratch and Sniff Stickers and Wall Decal

Updated on October 3, 2022
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I am a website developer, eBay trading assistant, work-at-home mum, writer and crafter.

This is a three-part series, so sit back and enjoy reminiscing about these incredibly smelly and fun items. If you are new to Scratch and Sniff, you are about to be introduced to something very interesting.

Scratch and Sniff Stickers
Scratch and Sniff Stickers

Scratch n Sniff Stickers

If you are a child of the 80s, you will remember Scratch and Sniff. It was all the rage.

If you got a scratch and sniff sticker on your school work from your teacher, it meant you had done a super-dooper job. The ordinary star stickers just were not cool enough.

Did yours smell, banana, or strawberry? Or was it popcorn, hotdog or pizza? Maybe it was bubblegum, chocolate or peanut butter? Or toothpaste, cinnamon or whipped cream?

The fun part was not knowing which one you were going to get and what it was even going to smell like.

What are scratch and sniff stickers?

In the early 1960s, an organic chemist working for the 3M Corporation, invented and patented a process called the micro-encapsulation process. The aim was to market perfume.

This process can be thought of as trapping a fragrance, or scent, into a bubble which is then sprayed onto (matte) paper. Disturbing this surface, in a scratching manner, breaks the bubbles releasing the fragrance.

Scratch and Sniff debuted in 1965, and in 1981 the first peel-apart perfume strip was also born. You may be familiar with these perfume strips which are commonly seen in magazines.

Decades later the majority of stickers still retain their unique fragrance because they were produced on matte paper and as a result are still trading hands amongst collectors worldwide.

Scratch and Sniff Stickers

The varieties of Scratch and Sniff stickers available are almost endless. Not only are there fruity scents, weird food smells and everything else in between but they have fantastic words of encouragement or phrases printed onto them which makes their use a fantastic reward.

These days sticker rewards are popular. We see them handed out at schools, for toilet training encouragement and reward charts for undertaking chores around the home; just to name a few.

Why not switch from the typical star, smiley face or thumbs up and introduce these stickers. Their unique touch could just be the extra boost you need to get your child to perform.

They are also available in different themes so add a Christmas sticker to your Christmas Cards or an Easter sticker to your Easter Egg baskets.

Next time you write someone a letter, attach a Scratch and Sniff sticker...just for fun.

Scratch and Sniff Wall Decals

Did you know that you can even buy Scratch and Sniff removable artwork?

Removable wall stickers or wall decals are one of the most popular ways to decorate, and re-decorate any room in the home. They allow you to express your current tastes and passions, temporarily, and then relatively cheaply re-decorate without much effort at all.

Even more popular is the fashion of using wall decals for your child's bedroom.

Our children grow so fast and so do their tastes so being able to amend the color scheme, theme or design without much fuss is always a positive option. Not to mention cost effective.

If there is a special girl in your life, then you need to buy them some of these super cute, colorful and inexpensive Strawberry Shortcake scratch and sniff wall decals.

Scratch the strawberries or even the handbag and you can smell strawberry!

They are:

  • Easy to apply to any smooth surface
  • Removable & Re-usable

They have no residue which means no mess, no fuss. Just strawberry all the way.

Smelly Cards

Hundreds, if not thousands, of birthday cards are written and sent every day. Big ones, small ones, musical ones, glittery ones. Cards with jokes, cards for love, cards for fun.

Time to send a Scratch and Sniff card.

  • Birthday Card
  • Greeting Card
  • or Valentine's Day Card

Whilst we are on the topic of cards, have you heard about Scratch and Sniff flash cards for children? Use them to help children learn not only what a fruit or vegetable looks like and how it is spelt, but how it smells too. Ingenious!

Want more?

If you enjoyed reading about these wonderfully smelly stickers, cards and wall decorations, time now to shop for Scratch and Sniff clothing, or some very unique Scratch and Sniff books.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2012 WorkAtHomeMums


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