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Where Can I Find Scratch n Sniff Books and Clothing

Updated on February 1, 2015
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I am a website developer, eBay trading assistant, work-at-home mum, writer and crafter.

Scratch and Sniff Clothing

This is the third article in the scratch and sniff series covering some of the more perculiar products available in the beloved scratch and sniff range.

If you are looking for a gift for that person who has absolutely everything, you have come to the right place.

The ideas you will see here are some of the most unique around. If you think you know scratch and sniff you have not seen anything yet.

You can now wear scratch and sniff. That's right. Wear it on your head, wear it on your legs.

This Scratch and Sniff story is a three-part series, so sit back and enjoy reminiscing about these incredibly smelly and fun items. If you are new to Scratch and Sniff, you are about to be introduced to something very interesting.

Scratch and Sniff Jeans

Time to ditch the Levi Jeans and the Ralph Lauren designer pants and get yourself, or someone special, a pair of these incredibly conversation-starting jeans.

Wait for it!

The raspberry denim wash jeans courtasy of Naked & Famous. Denim for Men.

When scratched, the jeans smell like raspberry.

In the same manner as the micro-encapsulation process used to make the scratch and sniff stickers, the denim in these jeans has been coated with bubbles of fragrance which release the smell when scratched.

So guys, you buy a pair of these relatively unknown jeans. You are with your mates. You tell them about your jeans. No one believe you. Not even the joker in the group. Yet you 'offer' your friends the chance to scratch and sniff your jeans to see (or rather, smell) for themselves. Surely this will look far too funny.

Could be the perfect pick up line though guys. "...hey, do you love the smell of raspberry? Boy have I got something for you..."

If you are not keen on washing your jeans regularly, then this could be the pair you MUST buy as the fragrance will mask any regular smells.

Scratch and Sniff Cap

Are you looking for something different for your daughter, niece, sister, or maybe for yourself? Have you considered a scratch and sniff cap?

Scratch and Sniff Oddities

Have you heard about the Scratch and Sniff wallpaper?

It reminds me of that scene in the famous movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory where the lucky golden ticket holders are offered the chance to lick the wallpaper. Willy Wonka states "....The strawberries taste like strawberries, and the snozzberries taste like snozzberries..."

How about Scratch and Sniff lotto tickets?

You would have to love Scratch and Sniff wrapping paper? Never again will wrapping paper be tossed into the bin, but now folded with care and much loved.

Are you a historian? Have you heard about the 'Victorian Vapours' book? It takes you straight back into the last century, exposing you to smells you never thought possible.

Scratch and Sniff Diet?

Have you heard about the new Scratch and Sniff diet?

Scratch the scent of your favourite food, whether it be hotdogs, pizza, chocolate or popcorn, inhale it and you are done!

Could this be the answer you have been searching for all of your life?

Odd Scratch and Sniff Items

Scratch and Sniff T Shirt

If you love waffles or know someone who does this is the ultimate gift. The waffle smelling scratch and sniff tshirt

Want more Scratch and Sniff?

If you enjoyed reading about Scratch and Sniff books, make sure you read about the original Scratch and Sniff stickers, cards and wall decorations, and the incredible range of Scratch and Sniff books and travel guides.

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