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Original Scratch and Sniff Sticker Books For Children

Updated on April 26, 2013

Scratch and sniff stickers are a fantastic novelty. They took the world by storm in the 1980s and were ever so popular with children. To receive a scratch and sniff sticker was a treat and you would often see children gathered around in huddles laughing as they sniffed some of the funnier smells.

Did you know however that you can extend your collection of Scratch and Sniff by reading a Scratch and Sniff book?

Scratch and Sniff books are an ingenious way to teach children. Not only can you educate them with words and pictures, but also with smell.

Nothing like touching the senses. And just like a Scratch and Sniff Sticker, the smell of the book is expected to last a long long time.

There is so much variety to choose from, enjoy the ride and the experience.

This Scratch and Sniff story is a three-part series, so sit back and enjoy reminiscing about these incredibly smelly and fun items. If you are new to Scratch and Sniff, you are about to be introduced to something very interesting.

Collectable! Travel with Scratch and Sniff to New York

If you have ever wanted to travel to New York, but time or money were your greatest limitation, do not put it off any longer. This is one of the cleverest ideas printed.

The 'New York Smells' guide book.

Not only is this now a collectable, due to the images of the World Trade Centre, but this book celebrates the real New York. With postcards and smells, you can travel through New York from the comfort of your own home, again and again.

Scratch and Sniff Children's Books

The variety of books available for children is incredible and growing daily. Pop-up books, choose your own adventure books, rhyming books, poems and more.

Does your child have a scratch and sniff book on their shelf?

The 'Little Bunny Follows His Nose' book, for example, is a fantastic interactive book. As he travels you are invited to smell and enjoy all of the wonderful things that he smells - pine, peach, roses and more. This is a wonderful book. If your child is not old enough to read this alone, it does not mean that they cannot enjoy it as they can scratch and sniff the objects and still partake in the adventure.

There are even books tailored to Christmas and Halloween. Around Christmas time, the smells of cooking and a fresh christmas tree brings unique smells into the home. The book entitled 'The Sweet Smell of Christmas' is just one such book.

This book evokes great Christmas memories. Pine (from the tree), peppermint (from the candy canes) and even gingerbread and hot chocolate.

Scratch and Sniff Book - The Horrible Smells

If it is humour you are after you cannot go past the horrible scratch and sniff smells. Don't buy all the stickers separately, buy them all in this book. If you are looking for a gift for someone who truly has everything, then this is their present. The 'Truly Tasteless Scratch and Sniff' book will offer its recipient some wonderful smells. Sour milk, smelly feet and rotten fish. It is amusing, disgusting and hilarious. Not for the faint hearted, this book has a lot more on offer but it is probably left for you to experience.

Hints and Tips

If your favorite books loses its prominent scratch and sniff smell, go on a Scratch and Sniff sticker shopping hunt, buy the smells and replace them in the book.

You child will never know and you will continue to provide endless entertainment!

Want more Scratch and Sniff?

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