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The Hobbit Chess Sets - Eaglemoss Chess Pieces

Updated on July 3, 2012

On this page we are going to be taking a look at some Hobbit chess sets and pieces. We are going to concentrate on chess pieces made by Eaglemoss, a company well known for some stunning chess sets. We will tell you all about Hobbit chess sets and let you know about release dates and what to expect from these new sets. Plus we will tell you a little bit more about some of the other Eaglemoss products that are going to be available.

In December 2012 The Hobbit, An Unexpected Journey finally gets it’s big release. This is a huge film and fans have been waiting for this for almost a decade. A year later part two also comes out and this is likely to be just as massive a film. Due to the hype surrounding the films we are going to be seeing lots of merchandise based on the story. We will see things ranging from artwork to toys, from action figures to curtains, we are even going to see Hobbit Lego. Another area where we will see some Hobbit collectables is in the chess world. So let’s take a look and see what we are going to be getting.

DC Chess Piece

Eaglemoss Chess Sets

So the company behind the new Hobbit chess sets is going to be Eaglemoss. They have obtained a license from Warner Brothers to use characters from the two Hobbit films and also to use characters from the Lord Of The Rings trilogy. Chances are we may well see other companies bringing out similar sets but it is Eaglemoss who has the official license. If you are unfamiliar with Eaglemoss they have a very good reputation for making high quality chess pieces. The most well known set is the DC Batman collection. This set features some stunning pieces and went down very well with collectors all over the world. This is not really the kind of chess set you would take down the park for a quick game, these are sold more as collectables and have a fair bit of value.

The reality is that Eaglemoss have actually been involved in LOTR chess sets before now. They worked along with another company and brought out three sets based on the films, one set for each part of the trilogy. They also brought out a range of figures which had some stunning detail and artwork. These were not widely distributed and they seemed to pass under a lot of people’s radar. So it will be interesting to see if they re-release these or just bring out completely new ones. So what of the new Hobbit chess sets?

Eaglemoss Gollum Figure

New Hobbit Chess Pieces

Well there are very few details out there at the moment but we are expecting a few sets, possibly one based on the first film and then another the following year based on part two. As for release date we are expecting it to be around October 2012 time when we see these chess pieces introduced. Eaglemoss have said that the release will come in stages, there will be a fortnightly edition with a new piece brought out along with a magazine with artwork from the movie and also chess tips.

It could well be that when these first come out you have to subscribe to get the fortnightly edition, maybe later on in the year you will be able to buy the complete sets from Eaglemoss. One thing that has been noted is that the old LOTR chess sets were very hard to get hold of in the US. However the recent DC Chess sets were available in the US, so maybe Eaglemoss are planning on making this available to more people than they did with the old LOTR sets and figures.

We are not sure about price yet, some of the DC chess pieces were quite expensive so it will be interesting to see if they take Hobbit sets in a similar direction or if they do a cheaper version. One thing we can guarantee is that Eaglemoss will produce very high quality chess sets and fans will not be disappointed.

If you are a Tolkien fan and do enjoy either the Hobbit or LOTR then you will be really impressed with some of the pieces that Eaglemoss bring out. Over the coming years we are going to see all kinds of Hobbit products hitting the market, some really poor and some really excellent quality, we can assure you that these Eaglemoss Hobbit chess sets will be at the upper end of the spectrum.


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