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The Hobbit 1/4 Scale Figures From Neca - Release Dates, Prices

Updated on April 13, 2012

Today we are going to be taking a look at the new Hobbit ¼ scale figures from Neca. We well tell you as much as we can about these new Hobbit figures and also tell you about release dates and prices and where you can buy them online. Basically this page will tell you all you need to know if you are after some impressive looking Hobbit figures.

Neca are a company who specialise in toys and figures based on movies. They have produced some incredible products over the years and they have a growing reputation. The toys that Neca produce are not always as widely available as some others as they tend to be for a specialised market. But collectors all over the world seem to take an interest in the next thing Neca are bringing out. One such line that will no doubt be causing quite a stir is based on The Hobbit movies.

20 Inch Neca Figure

Neca Hobbit Figures

Going back a few years Neca brought out quite a few pieces based on The Lord Of The Rings. They had this licence and used it to create some impressive ¼ scale pieces that sold pretty well for the company. Some of these for example were a 20 inch Gandalf and also a 20 inch Aragorn. These were very nicely done and even had a few sayings them would utter if you pressed a button on them. Probably the most impressive of the lot was the Balrog, this stunning ¼ scale figure has some wonderful details on it and it really does look good.

Early in 2012 Neca got the license to bring out some ¼ scale Hobbit toys. This is great news for fans of these models and we should see some great new products coming out. In recent years the sculpting and articulation seems to have vastly improved on Neca figures so we could well be in for something really impressive. As of yet there is no official word on release date but we are expecting them to be out in plenty of time for the release of the first movie. When we find out when the release date is we will of course let you know.

One thing that may be on people’s mind is price. As you can imagine a large 20 inch figure does not always come cheap. Sometimes you were looking at paying over $100 for one of these figures. You often find with the ¼ scale models from Neca that they are quite expensive, but when you see the amount of time and effort that goes into producing them you can really see why.

What’s In Store For Hobbit Figure Fans?

So now the big question is what figures will we see. The Lord Of The Rings series focused on the more dramatic characters, hence why we got a Gandalf, Aragorn and a Balrog. So what about the Hobbit figures, what are we likely to see come out of the Neca workshop? Well at the moment there is nothing more than rumour regarding which characters will be turned into 20 inch figures. There would be no great surprise if we saw a dwarf of some kind and maybe a troll. The one that everyone is hoping for though is without a doubt Smaug. To see the dragon turned into a large figure would really be exciting and something that Neca will surely not pass up on.

Neca do not only make ¼ figures. They also do some smaller ones but as the license for these has already been given to toy company, The Bridge Direct, it seems unlikely that Neca will produce anything like this. It does look like they will be bringing out a few other bits and pieces based on the Hobbit though, they already have a game which looks like it will be released sometime in the fall and possibly a few other products to coincide with the film as well.

So as you can see if the new Hobbit ¼ scale figures are anything like the old LOTR figures then we are surely in for a treat. Admittedly 20 inch figures are not for everyone but some people are real fans of these. When they are released later in the year your best bet is probably to buy online as these will only really be in very specialised shops. When we get more information on release dates, prices and of course what figures are going to be available we will update this page and let you know. For now though all we can do is look forward to the large Hobbit figures from Neca.


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