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The Hobbit Lego Sets - Release Dates & News

Updated on November 12, 2012

Today we are going to be taking a look at The Hobbit Lego sets. We will review the new sets we are going to be getting and talk about the release date and price of the forthcoming Lego Hobbit sets. After the massive success of the Lord Of The Rings sets fans will be eager to get there hands on these new ones as soon as they are released.

In December 2012 Peter Jackson finally releases his massive new film, The Hobbit, An Unexpected Journey. This is one of the biggest film releases of all time and the hype around it is simply massive. Last year Lego decided it was time to take Tolkien’s world and transfer it into brick format. So they struck a deal with Warner Brothers to give them the rights to all the Lord Of The Rings characters and scenes and also two Hobbit films that are going to be brought out. Back in June 2012 the first wave of LOTR toys was released and they went down a storm. Now it’s time for the Hobbit to take centre stage, so let’s take a look and see what we are going to be getting.

An Unexpected Gathering

The New Hobbit Lego Sets

So in December just in time for the release of the first movie we are probably going to be getting six new Lego sets. At first it was thought there would be five but now six sets have indeed been confirmed. The actual release date has now been confirmed as the 1st of December 2012 although it could well be that the sets are brought forward a little and we see the release date move to late November, time will of course tell.

The first set release based on The Hobbit is going to be called ‘An Unexpected Gathering’. As you can see from the picture the set is based on Bag End in the Shire. The detail on this little Hobbit hole looks really good, the little round doors are excellent and there are even rows of flowers out in Bilbo’s garden. This one has the Lego item number 79003 and we are expecting it to have a price of around $50, although this is subject to change. This set was previewed at Comic Con in San Diego, it wasn't until September when the other five sets were actually confirmed.

The best thing about this set is undoubtedly the minifigures. Although not really a very big set, you get six minifigures which is great news. So you have Gandalf with staff and hat, Bilbo with his cute curly hair, Dwalin with cape, beard and also an impressive looking hammer, Bombur with a brilliant platted beard, Balin with white beard and red cape and then finally Bofur with his hat on. These figures really are wonderful and make the set that little bit special.

Mirkwood Spiders Set

More New Sets To Be Released

What about the other five sets then. Well here is the list of each set and what it will feature.

Riddles For The Ring - This is the smallest of the new sets and will cost around $12. It has the item number 79000 and will contain just two minifigures, these being Gollum and Bilbo. Gollum has a little fish in his hands and Bilbo has a sword. The build is just a cave like structure and a little boat which Gollum uses to navigate his lake.

Escape From Mirkwood Spiders - This set is another small one and is likely to have a price of around $30 and has item number 79001. The main build focuses on the trees and there are also two very large mean looking spiders you can build. The minifigures will be Tauriel, Legolas, Fili and Kili. One nice little feature is the fact that there are little nets which resemble cobwebs and you can hang the dwrves up in these.

Attack Of The Wargs - We think this set may be something similar to the Uruk-Hai Army LOTR set we have already seen brought out. It has the item number 79002 and will retail ar around $50. There are two nice Wargs here which are completely new moulds from Lego. The figures included with this set are Bifur, Thorin, Yazneg and two Goblins.

Barrel Escape - This one should be priced at around $40 and has the item number 79004. It features Bilbo, Oin, Gloin and two wood elves as the minifigures. There is some good detail in this set and lots going on.

Goblin King Battle - The final set and the largest of the lot by quite a long way is this one, the Goblin King Battle has item number 79010 and will cost around $100. This one does have well over 800 bricks so it's fairly large. You get Dori, Nori, Ori, Gandalf, three Goblins and the impressive large figure of the Goblin King as the minifigures. This set has lots going on and a big section of Goblin Town that you can build. This looks like being the best of the new sets and the Goblin King is really well done.

When we do see all these new Hobbit Lego sets released it really will be exciting to get hold of them. Next year we are expecting more LOTR Lego sets and then more sets based on The Hobbit later in the year. It will be interesting to see exactly where Lego take the theme as there are just so many possibilities for them to work with. Will we be seeing sets based on Lake Town, The Lonely Mountain, maybe we might even get a giant Smaug to build out of Lego. One thing is for sure, for fans of Lego and fans of Tolkien, the next few years are going to be very interesting.

The Hobbit Minifigures


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