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The Tosy DiscoRobo Dancing Robot - Release Date & News

Updated on July 3, 2012

If dancing robots are your thing then you will love the new Tosy DiscoRobo dancing robot. We are going to take a close look at DiscoRobo and tell you exactly what it is capable of. We will also take a look at the release date and what kind of price you can expect to pay for this. Along with that we will also have a look at some of the other robots that the company Tosy make.

Tosy are actually a Vietnamese robotics company who have broken through into the toy market. They already produce industrial and personal robotics and have transferred their knowledge of the field into the toy market. In the past few years toys such as Fijit Friends have become very popular and now Tosy look like their new line of robots is set to compete with all the other interactive robots that are on the market. So what can we tell you about the new DiscoRobo?


DiscoRobo The Dancing Robot

So the Tosy DiscoRobo is probably the best of their new toys. It is not the most hi-tech of the new robots but for the all round fun factor it beats off the others and looks set to be very popular. As you can see from the picture this is quite a cute little robot that stands around nine inches tall. He is blue and silver and quite a nice shape. DiscoRobo really comes to life when you play him some music though. He has sensors inside which react to the beat of the music, so for instance play him some fast dance music and he will move quite quickly, whereas play some slow hip-hop and he will move much slower.

The range of dance moves the DiscoRobo has is quite impressive. Unlike other toys that are quite similar there are lots of different positions and actions that this dancing robot will get into. Along with the arms, legs and head that all move his face also lights up in different expressions. These also seem to happen in time to the music and they are very clever to watch. The hands lights up and the whole thing visually looks really impressive.

As for a release date well Tosy have not given us a specific date at the moment but we are expecting DiscoRobo to hit the shops sometime in the fall of 2012. So this means it should be released well before Christmas to give people opportunity to get their hands on this one. Price wise we are unsure of how much this will retail for, soon as we know we will update this page and let you know.

The mRobo Ultra Bass

Other Tosy Robots

Tosy have been very busy in the past year and have also brought out a few other robots. One of these is the mRobo Ultra Bass robot. This is an incredible creation that start off looking like just a white box with a speaker, then the music starts and a robot unfolds itself out of the speaker and starts dancing. The robot comes with 2GB of storage and you can upload around 500 songs to it. The mRobo will then dance in time to your music and put on an impressive performance. This one does not come cheap however, we are expecting the Tosy mRobo Ultra Bass to retail at around $200. This one seems to be aimed at a slightly older audience.

The third product that Tosy are releasing is a drawing robot called SketRobo. This one is quite incredible although we are unsure how much appeal it will actually have for children. Basically the robot will sit down and then draw you a picture. The level of detail and accuracy this toy can pull off is truly amazing. It comes with two hundred designs programmed in and it can even view something and then have a go at drawing this. Watching the SketRobo sketch you out a picture really is fascinating. The level of skill involved to produce something like this really shows us how clever the people behind these robots are.

As you can see the technology that is behind some of these new Tosy robots really is incredible. We are expecting the DiscoRobo to be a big seller in the build up for Christmas and who knows it may even give toys such as the Fijit Friends a run for their money. If you want something that will really impress your children and give them something that they can enjoy with their friends then the new Tosy DiscoRobo might well be just what you are looking for.


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